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10 Movies That Will Help You Look Forward to Summer

Once you start watching these movies, you'll forget that you're stuck inside indefinitely.
April 7, 2020
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Much of the country is under quarantine, with many states not lifting restrictions until early May. Summer is fast approaching, and many people are beginning to feel stir crazy inside the house as they self-quarantine and practice social distancing. Until this pandemic eventually washes over, watching movies that remind us of summer can lessen the hurt that we feel when the sun is beaming and we’re told to stay inside.

1. “Parent Trap”

This movie is included because it’s a classic that takes place during summer camp. “The Parent Trap” is a nice mixture of soft romance and funny comedy; it’s a movie that can be enjoyed with friends and family. As a baseline explanation, it’s about twin girls who were separated when they were younger and meet each other when they go to the same summer camp. They were separated when their parents divorced, so the girls trade places in order to find out what the other parent is like. It’s an enjoyable, lighthearted movie that makes us all wish we were in summer camp.

2. “Girls Trip”

The film “Girls Trip” is a chick flick that focuses on the adventures of a group of friends. While this film focuses on the road trip that the group of girls take, it’s a laugh-worthy comedy about friendship. One of the main characters has the opportunity to travel to New York for a festival and decides to have her friends tag along as a chance for them to get closer. The movie is all about having a good laugh, making memories and reinforcing the bonds we already have with each other.

3. “The Kissing Booth”

The Kissing Booth” is a Netflix film about two best friends whose friendship is being tested because one of them is in a relationship. This movie is about rules and boundaries, breaking them and then trying to find a way to fix the things that were broken. This summer list of movies wouldn’t be complete without a teen romance movie about forbidden love and finding yourself in high school. If you’re someone who likes to watch movies about teenage ups and downs mixed with romance, then this is the movie for you.

4. “Princess Protection Program”

This is an old Disney Channel movie, from before the channel became what it is today. “Princess Protection Program” stars Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato before they both became successful singers. It’s about friendship, and it has a bit of a twist: One of the main characters is a princess in protective services. This movie tests how far friendships go and how to accept yourself for who you are. As most teen movies strive to convey, the film shows how people of different backgrounds can come together and become good friends while also learning something new about themselves.

5. “Camp Rock”

Camp Rock” is a throwback movie that debuted in 2009. However, scenes and songs from the movie have been resurfacing and appearing on TikTok as viral memes. One of the most popular memes from the movie comes from people recreating the film’s famous dance and chant. I included “Camp Rock” because it’s set during summer camp, and it will also remind young adults of the childhood movies they loved. Summer is all about being young and enjoying the warm weather.

6. “Jaws”

This pick may not be something you want to watch if you’re anticipating going into the water soon. The movie “Jaws” is a classic thriller that follows the killings of a giant shark near a small island. “Jaws” could be seen as an anti-summer film, but it’s a good summer pick for someone who loves to watch thrillers. Not only is “Jaws” a good old-fashioned movie, it’s an important classic to watch if you haven’t had the chance. Bring on Shark Week early by watching this film with friends and family.

7. “Teen Beach Movie”

Teen Beach Movie” is another Disney hit that I included in order to reminisce on past summers. This movie is a blast to the past, as two teenagers find themselves trapped in the musical “West Side Story.” This movie serves as another take on the authentic musical, but it also shows how two teens struggle to find a way back into their reality. This film is a good pick if you’re hoping to watch a summer movie that’s music-based.

8. “What Happened to Monday?”

This movie may not scream summer, but the action-packed movie will have you anticipating the coming of the season. “What Happened to Monday?” is set in an alternate reality where there is a limit to how many children people are allowed to have. A woman ends up having seven identical daughters who are well-hidden, until their adult years. This all sounds lucky, until one of them goes missing one day, and the other six have to figure out what happened. At first glance, you may think this is a chick flick, but this is a movie with fast-paced adventure and pumping adrenaline — both feelings that people have when they think about the upcoming summer.

9. “The Last Summer”

This Netflix original movie depicts the story of several characters as they experience their last summer before they go off to college. The focus of “The Last Summer” is romance, but it also focuses on how these characters develop who they are as young adults, and how they let relationships affect them. This is a good movie to watch if you can relate to the self-discovery and adventures that these teenagers go through during their last summer.

10. “Friday the 13th”

Depending on which version of this movie you watch, there will be different plot lines, but “Friday the 13th” is always a classic horror movie. It’s about a serial killer who murders summer camp counselors one by one. He goes by Jason Voorhees, and he’s taking revenge on the camp counselors who are neglecting the children. It’s a good horror film to watch and it’s one that’ll make you happy if you never went to summer camp.

Watching all of these movies will take the pressure off of being stuck inside for so long. Summer is around the corner, and there are so many things to look forward to. Although you may be bored now, imagine yourself as the characters in some of these movies and live your best summer life.

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