Easy on the ears, this band will make you want to expand your taste in music. (Illustration by Claire Maske, Skidmore College)
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Easy on the ears, this band will make you want to expand your taste in music. (Illustration by Claire Maske, Skidmore College)

With their raw talent and catchy ballads, how could they be ignored?

The indie rock scene is currently dominated by bands such as The 1975, Imagine Dragons and Radiohead, but newcomers The Band CAMINO is threatening to assume control over the genre. Ever since the release of their first EP, “My Thoughts on You,” the band has made their presence known.

Although The Band CAMINO insists they are just “normal guys that like to play rock-pop music,” their musical magnetism is undeniable, and their ever-increasing number of fans serve as proof that this band is anything but normal.


The Band CAMINO consists of Jeffrey Jordan on vocals and lead guitar, Spencer Stewart on vocals and guitar, Graham Rowell on bass and Garrison Burgess on drums. The Memphis natives first crossed paths in high school and later attended the University of Memphis together before forming their band in 2015. The name The Band CAMINO was chosen by the group after Rowell spotted an old school Grand Camino car and discovered that the word “camino” is the Italian word for “path.”

Although the origins of the name are rather mundane, looking back, “Coming full circle, now it actually means like, we took the band path,” Jordan commented. “It’s cool how it came to mean something over the past three years, when we were kind of completely unknowing in the beginning.”

The band first arrived on the indie rock scene in 2016 with their impressive EP “My Thoughts on You.” Simultaneously heart-wrenching and upbeat, the record rendered The Band CAMINO a force to be reckoned with. The release’s first song, “2/14,” remains as one of the band’s most popular singles, and for good reason.

“I got, your face on my mind and / it was fun, runnin’ around for awhile / but I can’t, I can’t fall in love tonight / I can’t fall in love tonight,” Jordan croons, his voice full of angst. The pop-rock melodies are seemingly trying to mask the conflicted feelings of the narrator, making the song a whirlwind of both happy and sad feelings.

All the band members are in their early 20s, which is surprising due to the mature sound of their music. Even their earliest work conveys a chemistry that would take other bands at least a decade to generate. However, their youth isn’t an impediment to their sound; it allows them to relate to their audience through the emotions that come with the turmoil of early adulthood.

“The Black and White” from the band’s first EP, puts the wistfulness of young heartbreak on full display saying, “Call it a rivalry, call it a fight / call it what you want, but I need you tonight / call it a waste of time, call it right / but don’t call it off, just call the black and white.”

Musical Evolution

After their first EP, The Band CAMINO released their second EP titled “Heaven.” Composed of smooth rock ballads and upbeat, pop-inspired tunes, the EP showcases the band’s diverse talents. “Who Says We’re Through” includes beats reminiscent of ‘80s video game sounds, giving the song an airy, upbeat feeling.

Another of the release’s hit singles, “My Thoughts on You,” is a return to the band’s rock roots. Jordan’s ethereal vocals and vibrant guitar solos create a tone of overwhelming emotion that is impossible to disregard. With their second EP, The Band CAMINO proved that their undeniable energy makes them one of the hottest up-and-coming indie rock bands.

The band further cemented their reputation with the double release of their most recent singles “Daphne Blue” and “See Through.” Both singles display the raw talent of the group and prove that, not only are they master lyricists, but they are also masters at harnessing the emotional nature of music.

“Daphne Blue” contains all the qualities of alternative rock, with pops of electric guitar and complementary streams of synth. The lyrics are masterfully written and extremely poignant: “I hesitate to say the ocean / could hold a candle to your eyes / you shut the door and cut me open / now I’m wishin’ I was colorblind.” The recently released music video for the single is a visual sensation with abstract paintings — in daphne blue, of course.

The millennial anthem “See Through” is a fresh blend of pop and rock, and is perfect for anyone who has felt the pain of being ghosted. In a voice rife with anguish, Jordan sings: “You know how to keep me waiting / you know there’s a call that you missed / you know that I get impatient / cause I know you saw that s—t” and “You’re good at looking at me like I’m see-through / but I gotta see you / I should’ve learned by now.”

The Future Is Bright

A glance at The Band CAMINO’s repertoire reveals something missing: the band lacks a full-length album. When questioned in 2018 on the possibility of releasing an album, Jordan commented, “Yes, at some point. Who knows when that will be?” A year later, the band still hasn’t released an album, but hopefully the success of their double-release single and their upcoming North American tour will speed up the production process.

The Band CAMINO wants its listeners to feel a sense of belonging when listening to their music. Concerning the band’s message to their fans, Jordan said, “We just want to be honest with ourselves and honest about how we feel and what we think. So, I don’t think there’s an overarching message, but we just want to connect with people who feel what we feel, and overall just connecting and relating to people is really what it’s all about.”

The raw honesty of The Band CAMINO in their lyrics and melodies is what attracts fans to the band’s dynamic persona. By conveying their unfiltered emotions through music, The Band CAMINO has proved itself as the heir to the indie rock throne.

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