The 5 Best YouTube Playlists to Keep You Undistracted and Studying

YouTube Music might be the dark horse of streaming services, but it's only getting better.

As November begins to come to come to a close, major stores like Walmart and Target begin to whip out Christmas deals and displays. This also means that the simultaneously dreaded and long-awaited time of the year is approaching as well: finals.

This is when everyone starts to rev up into serious work mode. Portfolios, final lab reports, exams and last extra credit opportunity deadlines are creeping on you. What’s the best tool to help you study for all this work you have to get done? Music! If your own music playlists are starting to dull, though, and you’re unsure of what to listen to next, here are the top five YouTube playlists to keep you jammin’ out during your major study sessions.

1. Stress-Free Studying ? – An Indie/Folk/Pop Playlist uploaded by alexrainbirdMusic

Top Songs: MyKey — “Running With The Wolves,” Adam Holmes and The Embers — “People Come People Go,” and OH LA KANADA — “Fantasy”

Just as the title reads, this  playlist is definitely an indie collection. If this is your type of music, then you should really look into checking out the uploader’s channel. The channel has been around since 2011 and is run by Alex Rainbird and his girlfriend Beth as they search for the best independent indie artists. Besides study playlists, they upload various compilations ranging from coffee house playlists to road trip playlists to winter vibe playlists and more.

This playlist is filled with upbeat warmth through soft acoustic guitar rhythms, catchy vocal melodies and harmonies, in addition to fun beats that will keep your body moving in your seat. Each song is different yet similar, but are still drawn together by musical style. I’m not one for much indie music, but this Youtube playlist really kept me pumped when working.

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2. Progressive House · Relaxing Focus Music · 24/7 Live Radio uploaded by The Grand Sound

Top Songs: Lanvary  — “Slingshot Ride.” It’s a 24/7 radio livestream, so just tune in!

With the rise of YouTube Music, there is a vast number of live radio channels, and this is one of them. I never fully understood what features YouTube Music had to offer, but even without paying for a subscription to YouTube’s changes, I love using its music feature now. One feature that I use pretty much daily are the radio livestreams. So many channels stream different kinds of music all day every day, and with so many artists ranging, YouTube has done a fantastic job at leveling the playing field with other music streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music and Pandora.

If you are in more of a dance or electronic club kind of mood, this is the set for you. This YouTube playlist is beyond amazing because it heavily features the odd and futuristic sounds that tend to reverberate throughout house music. Brilliant synth, steady dance beats and a strategic bass in each song give you the grooviest, most upbeat study session possible. With so many elusive sounds, this playlist will make you want to throw a party just as much as it will keep your brain wired.

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3. Relaxing Jazz & Bossa Nova Music Radio – 24/7 Chill Out Piano & Guitar Music Live Stream uploaded by Cafe Music BGM channel

Top Songs: It’s a 24/7 livestream radio, so just tune in when you can!

If coffee shops are your safe havens, then here is one of the most satisfying and de-stressing radio livestreams out there. Mainly consisting of smooth piano music, this YouTube playlist is one of the most relaxing ones I’ve heard. It radiates a typical Starbucks vibe on a rainy day, but that is what makes the playlist itself.

You’ll be able to imagine a busy coffee shop in the morning, but you won’t have to deal with the people, lack of elbow room or constantly opening-and-closing door. Go ahead, get comfy in the warmth of your surroundings, make the best coffee for yourself and get to pumping out all of this work for total concentration!

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4. lofi hip hop radio – beats to relax/study to uploaded by ChilledCow

Top Songs: I love the entire playlist!

Similar to YouTube playlist No. 3, this radio livestream is very chill, smooth and laid back. Now I’m sure everyone has seen the lofi stereotype memes about not being productive when you are trying to be productive, but most times, lofi playlists really work. Each song has a steady groove and unfamiliar vocals that are hard to make out, which is ideal for studying.

All of these factors add up to form a blend of wicked cool beats that I only discovered a few months ago, and they give off an almost surreal vibe from taking in the music. I love this playlist so much simply because it really calms me down and eases my mind so I can focus on my work. It’s my top YouTube playlist to turn to when I’m seriously studying, and it might turn into yours as well.

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5. Merry Christmas Music – Lounge Jazz Radio – Live Stream 24/7 uploaded by Lounge Music

Top Songs: Who doesn’t love Christmas music?

With finals nearing, temperatures dropping and Starbucks releasing holiday cups already, if you’re someone who is fueled by Christmas, go ahead and have no shame in blasting this playlist to yourself, or even out loud if you’re feeling brave. Most people are generally ecstatic for Christmas come the end of Thanksgiving, so feel free to throw on all of the ugly sweaters and sleigh bells and dance your festive self to success to remakes of holiday classics and more. Plus, this lovely YouTube playlist will serve as a reminder to those who need it to just keep pushing forward — all of your hard work from the semester will be paid off sooner than you think!

If you’re having a hard time to get your brain to chill out so you can focus, definitely give these YouTube playlists a try. But if none of them are to your fancy, don’t worry! YouTube Music has an abundance of musical options ranging from playlists to radio livestreams. There is something out there for everyone; you just have to dig your tastes up bit more. Happy studying and good luck on all of those finals!

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