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7 EDM Songs To Fall in Love With This Summer

A jam-worthy playlist that is perfect for the summertime and making feel-good memories.
July 26, 2022
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Electronic dance music, also known as EDM, includes rhythmic drumbeats, synthesizers, and sample recordings that are designed to get people moving. If you’ve ever been to a rave or a club, then you know just how captivating EDM music can be. The EDM world has a diverse selection of artists and a multitude of sub-genres, from the entrancing syncopations of dubstep to the breezy, melodic synths of electropop music. It’s no wonder EDM is incredibly popular in today’s musical landscape. EDM is known to enhance your mood and well-being in significant ways, making it the go-to genre for the summer season. Here are seven electrifying and catchy EDM jams that will make your summer playlist feel like its very own festival!

1. The Chainsmokers – “I Love U”

The Chainsmokers, consisting of musicians Drew Taggart and Alex Pall, are global chart toppers in the world of mainstream electro-pop music. In their newest album that dropped last May, “So Far So Good” (2022), the New York duo brings something fresh in their groovy, club-ready single “I Love U.” The title alone should tell you all you need to know about what kind of song this is. It is heartfelt in all the best ways and shows the duo’s established comfort with openly wearing their hearts on their sleeves: “Another day goes by that I can’t get you out of my head.” With an alluring flow that is effortlessly rhythmic throughout, this song is sure to get your head bopping to its bouncy, laidback feel that perfectly complements a late summer night.

2. Kygo & Dean Lewis – “Never Really Loved Me”

One of the leading faces for tropical house music, Kygo collaborates with Australian singer-songwriter Dean Lewis in their summer heartbreak single “Never Really Loved Me.” Released this month, the Norwegian producer taps into his vulnerable side with honest lyrics that are gorgeously accompanied by his signature piano waves. It’s a summery, ear-pleasing sound that seamlessly blends in with the emotional heart tugs within the song: “Sometimes, the start is the end / Just like the summer steals the memories.” It’s no wonder Kygo picked Lewis to deliver the heart and soul for this song with his moving vocals. If you’re looking for a more chill vibe that you can relax to — or cry to — on a warm summer afternoon, then this song is made for you.

3. Ehrling – “Out of My Mind”

The Swedish producer Ehrling is known for his beachy vibe and, like Kygo, is among many in the tropical house niche of EDM. Released in April, Ehrling’s single “Out of My Mind” is a poppy dance cover of the classic Belinda Carlisle song “Heaven Is a Place on Earth.” The producer maintains the hook of the ’80s hit in a melodic piano beat but still manages to make the song his own. It’s a catchy tune that makes you want to dance your worries away and forget all the people who have done you wrong: “Don’t wanna think / don’t wanna cry. I just wanna keep you out of my mind.” You won’t be able to resist clapping along as the song enters its euphoric yet somber chorus. The tropical, dreamy atmosphere of the song is simply irresistible.

4. Dabin, Nurko & Donovan Woods – “When This is Over”

Canadian electronic music producer Dabin teams up with Nurko and Canadian singer-songwriter Donovan Woods in his standout single “When This is Over” from his third studio album, “Between Broken” (2021). It’s a heart-pumping and emotive track about the inevitability of heartbreak between two lovers. Dabin opens the song with a rich guitar riff that epitomizes his ability to mix acoustic and electronic sounds. The song also has its starry, contemplative moments thanks to the delicate melody of the piano. As the song’s momentum builds, accompanied by a pulsating drumbeat, the words ring out, “When this is over / will we be haunted by how it ends?” It’s a question that only gets answered by the roaring, emotional beat drop that’ll make you feel like you’re soaring through the air.

5. Lucas & Steve – “Letters”

Letters” by Dutch DJ duo Lucas & Steve has a carefree vibe with its thrilling house beats that are perfect for any summer party. With a catchy melody that sets the tone of their exhilarating debut album, “Letters to Remember” (2020), it’s a song that encourages you to reminisce about the good old times with all your favorite people. If you listen to the rest of the album, the dance-pop duo consistently delivers feel-good, energetic tunes that focus on the ebbs and flows of life and love. It’s clear that the duo doesn’t just want to make some good-time music, but also give listeners a chance to relate to the messages of their songs. Once the chorus hits and you’re reminded that “these memories never die,” the duo takes you on an exciting ride that is akin to cruising down the highway with all the windows down. Buckle up: This song will get you singing at the top of your lungs.

6. Martin Garrix, Justin Mylo & Dewain Whitmore – “Find You”

Dutch DJ Martin Garrix is one of the biggest names in progressive and big room house today and has headlined several festivals around the world. Released last April, his debut club album, “Sentio,” features single “Find You,” which he made with fellow Dutch DJ Justin Mylo and singer-songwriter Dewain Whitmore. It’s a hopeful and thoughtful tune about wishing to be with the one that you love again: “And I’ll chase that feelin’ / Right to the end of time to find you.” With sparkling beat drops that kindle the song’s spirited melody, this song is sure to hit you right in the feels. It’s sublime, serene and sincere all the way through. And if you’re wondering about the best way to listen to this song? Go outside and look at the stars.

7. Avicii – “The Days”

Now, it wouldn’t be a proper end to this EDM list without late Swedish dance music legend Avicii (aka Tim Bergling). Known famously for his unifying and spirited anthems, Avicii explores themes about life that no other artist within the EDM sphere can match. His upbeat song “The Days,” which was released in 2014 in a two-track EP alongside smash hit “The Nights,” teaches us that we must always look at the bright side despite everything that we’ve been through. We have to appreciate the beauty of today: “These are the days we won’t regret. These are the days we won’t forget.” This track shows Avicii’s trademark mix of soul, country and electric pop that is sure to get our hearts dancing.

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