Here are some great tasting solutions to your study woes. (Image via Unsplash)

5 Teas to Give You the Energy You Need to Crush Finals

Opt for some natural solutions to get focused and power through your studies.

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Here are some great tasting solutions to your study woes. (Image via Unsplash)

Opt for some natural solutions to get focused and power through your studies.

Just because midterms are safely in the rearview mirror doesn’t mean you’re in the clear: Finals still loom ahead. No one needs to tell you that they’re important, but it’s a lot easier to know they’re important than to actually do something about it. You’re going to need to study, but after a long week of work, internships and classes, you’re also going to need some energy. A lot of people turn to downing Monster energy drinks or other pharmaceutical alternatives — and of course, coffee is an old staple — but what about those who want a natural option that won’t leave you a jittery mess? Here’s where tea comes in.

Unlike coffee, teas are a versatile crop. Some help you relax and some give you a much needed energy boost. Of course, which to choose? Stand by for a solution to using your textbooks as a rock-hard pillow. All of these are available online, so you can get the high-class taste while saving money for other things: like partying once finals are over.

1. Organic Guayusa

Listen: The worst part of downing multiple cups of coffee in an all-night cram session is the inevitable jitters. That momentary burst of focus soon turns into a distraction as all you can think about is that weird crawling feeling on your skin.

Here’s where organic guayusa comes to the rescue. Guayusa’s use spans over a millennium, first appearing in the Andes. It has an earthy taste similar to green tea, but tastes much less bitter. If you need a sustainable burst of energy that won’t leave you a big shaking mess, try out organic guayusa tea. Ordering online makes it easier on your wallet, so make sure to make your purchase today.

2. Coffee Pu’erh

What if you love your coffee though? There’s a tea for that.

Also known as black tea in East Asia, pu’erh goes back back another few millenia, originating in China. Gradually fermented, pu’erh ages the same way that fine wine does. Don’t be intimidated though: the Coffee Pu’erh still has the taste of a quality cup of joe that you’re used to waking up with. Laced with real coffee beans and a hint of vanilla, this product is high in caffeine for when you need a quick boost to power through something particularly difficult. Make sure to make your order today.


3. Gaba Guava

How about something that tastes good? Like, really, really good? Make sure to check out gaba guava tea: Enjoy the increased focus accompanied by a nice tropical feel, making it the perfect drink to pretend that you’re going to a nice Caribbean vacation once finals are over. Check out the subtle fruit flavors in the tea: pineapples mixed with guava with a taste of coconut.

This tea is perfect if you just need a minor boost to focus a little better. It doesn’t have the caffeine of the Coffee Pu’erh or even the Organic Guayusa, but sometimes you just need to train your focus for the long-haul, when you’re already in a nice studying groove and you want to maintain it. It’s also perfect for if you’re feeling stressed out, and just need that little bit of energy to assure you that you’ll get through this. Make sure to purchase some in advance so you don’t get caught without it.

4. Chocolate Macaroon

More coconuts, but this time it’s here to complement the flavor of chocolate macaroon. It’s high in caffeine, so make sure that you go a little easy when you’re hitting the books (you don’t want to burn out too early, after all), but the natural chocolate flavoring and the cane sugar almost makes this feel like you’re having dessert. It can be a little bitter, but just a little bit of extra sugar can balance it out. Make sure to order some for your home, so you’ll be ready to get that huge boost of focus while still getting a tasty treat.

5. Jasmine Oolong

You know what probably the ultimate advice for getting through exams is? Relax. Getting stressed out is not going to help you, and ultimately, not overloading your brain will be more helpful in the long run. Here’s where Jasmine Oolong tea can help. Another tea originating in China, jasmine tea is probably the most famous scented tea.


The smell itself is perfect for getting into a near-meditative state for when you’re just trying to calm down and process everything that you’re trying to study. This is the perfect tea to drink when you just need a reminder that everything is going to be fine. Don’t worry, you got this. Order online today.

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