5 YouTube Channels to Help You Be a More Organized Student

What if instead of distracting you from studying, a YouTube channel could actually help you?
September 18, 2019
7 mins read

Surviving college life, in general, can be a difficult challenge, but being a studious and productive student can be even more exhausting. Sometimes it’s easier to just kick back and watch hours of YouTube content than to start working on that English paper or chemistry homework.

Thankfully, while YouTube can be filled with a massive amount of mind-numbing videos, there are some creators out there dedicated to helping everyone be just a little more productive in life. While I might not have my life all neatly put together, these ladies do and are willing to give out all the wisdom and advice I need to get moving. Here are some of my favorite channels to watch when I need a little push to get on track.

1. Plant Based Bride

Now, this is a channel that isn’t exactly dedicated to college students but the content is so relaxing it really makes me want to work. Elizabeth, the creator of the channel, is a sweet introvert who cares about the world around her. Most of her videos revolve around her bullet journaling, but she also does some work on different issues that she cares about. She also makes videos about her vegan and minimalist lifestyle.

She has such a sweet and soft personality, every video leaves me encouraged to be a better person and student. It makes me want to be healthier, more productive and more caring. She even takes the time to make beautiful spreads for her husband’s bullet journal. I always look forward to her content week after week as I’m greeted by her friendly voice. Who says productivity can’t be relaxing?

2. studycollab: alicia

Alicia is the student I always wished I had been in high school. She’s on top of her homework and tests all while maintaining a successful YouTube channel. Although she might not boast the same amount of content as some of the other channels on this list, what she lacks in quantity she makes up for in quality.

Every video on her channel teaches something new. From note taking to guides on how to study for different subjects, there’s something for every need. Personally I love looking at how neat and orderly her binders are and I would love to be able to keep mine that way. Even though most of her videos were made for high school students, they’re still very applicable to the average college student, and now that Alicia is in university, it can only get better from here.

3. Studytee

Sometimes simple is better and this straightforward yet helpful channel is no exception. The sweet logo that says “work hard, be kind, find balance” is always a welcoming sight. This isn’t an old channel by any means, but its high-quality content makes it seem otherwise. It also comes from a second-year university student making it a perfect college resource.

There’s not a lot of videos but there is variety. Some classic study videos, note taking tips and general college advice are just some of the things to find here. Not to mention the simple minimalist style adds a calming element to the videos. They might not be uploaded as often as some channels but every single one is an absolute treat.

4. studyquill

Another high school student that has their life far more together than I do, Jasmine makes extremely high-quality videos. She makes videos about bullet journaling, studying, productivity along with some absolutely wonderful “study with me” content. Her advice is so good for someone so young.

There’s so much content it can be easy to just sit down and become immersed in her happy and productive world. Thankfully her content is also very motivated, leaving me itching to accomplish something. Originally I came for the bullet journal content but stayed to learn more. I always come away with a fresh mindset and new ideas.

5. Caitlin’s Corner

This isn’t just one of my favorite study-related channels but one of my favorite channels period. The adorable host of the channel, Caitlin, is very down-to-earth and relatable, making her videos easy to watch. She doesn’t just make videos about studying and journaling, but she also vlogs her college journey.

Even though she just graduated, she still plans on creating the same kind of content with more general life advice sprinkled in. Each video pushes me to try something whether it be healthier eating, a new journal spread, a way to take notes or a new way to study. It manages to be both motivating and encouraging because it feels like Caitlin is inviting her audience to participate with her in being the best student they can be.

Trying to get my life in order is always a struggle. There’s always something to distract me and put me off course. While I often use YouTube to be unproductive, watching channels like these can encourage me to work harder and put my best self forward.

At the end of the day, I probably spend more time on YouTube than I should, but it’s nice to know that there are creators out there struggling with the same student problems I do. It can be hard to be a motivated and productive student in this digital age with all of its distractions, but at least these ladies have their lives together so I can learn how to do it too.

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