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Some Awesome Discounts for College Students in 2021

School can be expensive. Take advantage of some deals in the new year to lighten the burden on your wallet.
January 28, 2021
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College is without a doubt a very rewarding but expensive experience. The sticker price for many schools is already costly. From spending money on textbooks to swiping your credit card left and right for food, purchases can quickly add up. It is important to save money whenever possible and to spend money responsibly. Many businesses offer discounts for college students in an effort to make their goods more affordable. Here is a list of some of the most popular student discounts for you to make use of.

Deals on Electronics

Electronics are basically essential items for any college student nowadays — especially with the implementation of remote learning at many schools. It’s important to have a decent laptop for attending virtual classes and taking notes.

Apple offers students discounts on select items like the iPad and MacBook. Students can receive $100 off on qualifying products. And the best part is that Apple does not require any identification to obtain the discount. If you don’t prefer Apple products, Samsung also offers a discount for students. They offer up to 30% off and free shipping on their products.

Another beneficial product for students is Adobe. Students can get Adobe Creative Cloud for 60% off. The price is normally $52.99 a month, but after the discount, it comes down to $19.99 a month. The subscription includes popular applications like Photoshop, Illustrator and Acrobat Pro.

Deals on Clothing

Students that are taking classes on campus might need a change in wardrobe, especially if their school has a different climate than their hometown. If you are looking for a great deal on clothing for the new semester, you can buy clothes from popular brands like H&M, Nike and GymShark.

H&M offers students 20% off their order. All you need to do is verify your status through UNiDAYS using your “.edu” college email. Nike also offers students 10% off on apparel and footwear; in this case, a student ID is required for the discount.

Students that are into exercising and fitness can buy workout gear from Gymshark. You can receive 10% off after verifying your student status on StudentBeans.

Deals on Food and Food Delivery

Although many students have a dining plan with their college, some might need to buy additional meals from local restaurants and fast-food chains for one reason or another — you might only eat a few meals a week at the dining hall, or maybe you live in an apartment and are responsible for your own meals. Grubhub provides 20% off orders that are more than $10; students looking to make use of this deal just need to verify their status through UNiDAYS.

Some popular fast-food chains also offer students discounts on their meals. Arby’s, Buffalo Wild Wings and Burger King all offer 10% off as long as you provide your student ID while purchasing. Chick-fil-A and Chipotle allow students to get a free drink if they buy a meal and show their student ID. Qdoba also offers a free drink with the purchase of a meal, and their burrito meals are only $5. Papa Johns and Pizza Hut both offer 10-20% off a pizza pie or side dish.

Deals on Subscriptions

Many subscription services also offer very good student discounts. Amazon offers a great discount for their Prime membership. If you sign up for Prime using your “.edu” email, the first six months are free, and then it becomes $6.49 a month; a normal prime membership would cost around $119 a year or $13 a month. The student discount brings the price down by 50%.

Music is something every college kid listens to while studying or walking from class to class. Students can get Spotify Premium for only $4.99 a month rather than paying $9.99 a month. You can also bundle Hulu and Showtime into your subscription for the same price. YouTube also provides students a discount on their Premium subscription. Students can listen to YouTube Music and videos ad-free for $6.99 a month. A regular subscription is $11.99.

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