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TOP 15 Authentic & Unforgettable Dorm Room Ideas for Girls

Here are several ways to make your home away from home a place that's uniquely you.
January 31, 2021
12 mins read

If you’re going to college this year and planning to stay on campus, you’ll want to start planning for ways to decorate your dorm room. Your dorm room will serve as your bedroom, study, and hang-out area, meaning you’ll need to create a practical, comfortable, and trendy space. Your dorm décor should reflect your needs, wants, and personality to perfection. To inspire your interior design skills, we’ve compiled this guide to the best dorm room ideas for girls. From cute design ideas to cool things as decorations, explore these examples of college girl rooms from around the country to spark your creativity.

Focus on Affordable Stylish Pieces

From eye-catching lamps and area rugs to throw pillows, colorful candles, and curtains, there are many decorating items that can help your dorm room feel more comfortable without breaking the bank.

Buy things that bring you joy as long as they’re not too pricey. There’s a good chance you’ll spend most of your time in college out and about, so your dorm room will be the one place where you can recharge away from prying eyes. According to DesignIdeasGuide, you’ll also want to start investing in quality decorations and pieces when designing your bedroom at home so you can bring some of these trendy items with you to college.


Decorate Your Walls

Give your dorm room walls personality without worrying about long-term damage. There are plenty of damage-free decorating ideas available, from removable wallpaper to photo string lights to gorgeous gallery walls with the help of washi tape. You might have to negotiate some of these choices if you have a roommate, but a planning/decorating session is a great bonding experience, especially if you’ve picked a good roommate.


Invest in Cool Bedding

Your bed will become your home away from home so it’s a good idea to set some cash aside to invest in quality bedding. Depending on your budget, you can find appealing options from Amazon, Target, or Bed Bath & Beyond. We recommend you buy the bedding in person to make sure it’s up to your standards. Online reviews can only tell you so much. Also, a deluxe mattress topper can make all the difference. Finally, we recommend you focus on ethical and sustainable brands that support eco-friendly business practices.



Get Some Plants

Plants come with numerous benefits. They purify the air and bring the outdoors in, which can be great as long as you have the confidence to keep them alive. Start with low-maintenance plants like succulents or a snake plant and take it from there. Fake plants can be an alternative if you’re not ready for the real thing just yet.



Settle on a Theme

If you want to take things to the next level, brainstorm a theme for your dorm room and only purchase décor that fits the theme for a cohesive and stunning effect. It’s a surefire way to impress anyone who visits. Popular dorm room themes for girls include boho, free spirit, dark academia, girl power, country chic, and boss babe.


Look for Clever Storage Solutions

The major downside of most dorm rooms is that they’re tiny, so you have to get creative when it comes to finding storage solutions to accommodate all your precious possessions. Start by finding furniture or décor items that double as storage. such as an ottoman, over-the-bed shelving unit or an over-the-door storage rack.

Look online for hidden storage solutions that might come in handy and read comprehensive reviews from sites like The New York Times. These options might include under bed storage bags, drawer dividers, bedside caddies, dorm desk bookshelves and so on. You’ll be shocked by how much stuff you accumulate as the school year progresses.



Accent Lighting for An Extra Dose of Hygge

While “hygge” does not have a direct English translation, most experts agree that “cozy” is close enough. According to BBC, Hygge is a quality of warmth and comfort that translates into contentment or a state of mental and physical well-being. Having a single overhead light doesn’t scream cozy. Instead, look for ways to spruce up your dorm with eye-catching lighting solutions.

Get a funky desk lamp, fairy lights, paper lanterns, or a neon sign with a cool message. The idea is to combine multiple lighting sources to create a chill atmosphere. Or to keep you awake during grueling late-night study sessions.


Don’t Dismiss Flea Market Finds

You probably know that you can find great clothing items at thrift stores. The same applies to flea markets, which offer great deals on décor and furniture. You’ll save a ton of cash and, if you’re patient and determined to sift through all the stuff, be able to have a room that perfectly matches your personality.

If you want a flea market feel but aren’t into second-hand items, Urban Outfitters should be on the list for your next shopping trip.



Create Additional Seating

For women who love to entertain, make sure your guests always have somewhere to sit when they come calling.

If there’s no room for a sofa, space-saving seating solutions include floor cushions and basic foldable chairs, which you can dress up with a small faux fur rug.


Get Tech That Doubles as Décor

You will likely need a power cord, a Bluetooth speaker or a fan. Shop around until you find the funkiest versions of these basics to add an extra dose of whimsy to your room. For instance, you could get an extension cord in a bold neon color or a speaker that looks like an old radio.


Creative Book Arrangements

Reading is cool again, so use your collection of textbooks or hardbacks to add more character to your dorm room. While there’s little chance to have space for a proper bookcase in your dorm room, you can always improvise and be creative.

When decorating your dorm room, stacking books to create a color-coordinated book tower right beside your bed is an amazing idea. Or do a rainbow shelf above your bed. Oh, and coffee table books always look posh on a bedside table and are a great dorm room idea for girls.


Use Mirrors to Your Advantage

Mirrors aren’t only a necessity — you have to make sure you look flawless before heading out — but they can also create the illusion of space.

There are numerous practical options on the market, but we suggest you get a leaning mirror or over-the-door mirror to save space. If possible, place it opposite a window so your dorm looks bigger.

Since we’re at it, get a small make-up mirror as well, preferably with incorporated LED lighting. Getting ready will become a breeze.


Create a DIY Headboard

Your dorm room bed probably doesn’t come with a headboard (if it does, lucky you!), but there’s no need to fret. There are ways to bring your bed to the next level for cheap.

Consider putting together a basic headboard using cardboard or plywood you dress in fabric with the help of a staple gun. Or, hang a tapestry for a similar, though shabbier effect.


Make Your Desk More Appealing

Studying in bed isn’t practical or efficient. As a result, make sure your desk is as welcoming as possible to increase your chances of actually wanting to spend time hunched over it.

Get a comfy chair, put together a secret snack drawer, decorate the wall with inspirational posters, and invest in beautiful stationery that will encourage you to take more notes. You’ll become a productivity goddess in no time.


Ceiling Makeover

To end on a high note, consider giving the ceiling a makeover. You might find yourself staring at it more often than you think.

Drape lights and fabric across your entire dorm room ceiling for a dramatic effect or use glow-in-the-dark star stickers to create the illusion of falling asleep under the stars.


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