With a new semester on the horizon, it's time to cross a few things off your college bucket list. (Image via Pixel)

5 Things Every College Student Has to Do in 2019

New semester, new you.

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With a new semester on the horizon, it's time to cross a few things off your college bucket list. (Image via Pixel)

New semester, new you.

College years are, according to many people, the best years of your life, and students have the chance to experience some really great moments during that stage. Partying, traveling, meeting new people — there are just so many cool things you can do while in college. The memories you’ll end up with are priceless.

Here are five things that every student should definitely do in 2019.

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1. Go to (All) College Parties

If there is one thing that every student simply has to do during undergrad, it’s go to college parties. After you graduate, it’s hard to imagine that you’ll have the same opportunity to experience such fun nights on such a low budget.

College parties are a great opportunity to meet new people, talk about different things, drink, dance and above all, have fun!

2. Pull an All-Nighter

Are you invited to a special party? Don’t let your class early in the morning the next day keep you from going and having a great time. Maybe you’re thinking about going for a few drinks in some local pub or getting together with friends to play some games.

Depending on what you like, there are plenty of games you can try — from drinking to video and casino games. Some people like to play some online slots or a roulette in a group because it’s so much fun. The good thing is that you can play on mobile just as easily as you would from a laptop, which can be very convenient.

You shouldn’t skip all this because you have to get up early; instead, you should just stay up the whole night and go to class in the morning. All-nighters are common during college, and really they’re just one of those things everyone does eventually. Get some coffee once or twice and you’ll be ready to go.

3. Learn a New Language

There are many advantages of knowing one or more languages: better memory, better concentration, slower cognitive decline, higher salary … just to name a few.

When you start learning a new language, do not worry about having to speak fluently and without mistakes right away. The more time you spend writing, reading and talking in the new language, the more it helps you reinforce the vocabulary, grammar and correct use of sentences.

4. At Least One Abroad Experience

College offers students endless opportunities, and one of the most valuable ones is the possibility to study abroad. Expect unique cultures, fantastic food, new friends, crazy parties and a different education.

Moreover, an abroad experience makes it easier to find work, which is one of the biggest advantages of studying in another country. In addition, everyone knows that if you want to become fluent in a language, you have to move to the country where they speak it. So, do you actually need more reasons?

5. Learn How to Cook

Learning to cook well for oneself is the beginning of true independence. It is not necessary to follow complicated recipes and gourmet cuisine. Many healthy and tasty meals are easy to prepare.

The goal? Spend the week without ordering at the takeaway or relying on mom and dad for a quick meal. Also, being able to cook well is a surefire way to impress a prospective boyfriend or a girlfriend.


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