Lawrence made a name for herself by amassing a following on Instagram, and her new series hopes to leverage her popularity into stardom. (Image via Instagram)
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The host of Facebook Watch’s ‘The Mirror Challenge,’ Lawrence has gift for combining body positivity and realistic advice.

Iskra Lawrence may be a successful supermodel, but her endeavors do not stop there. As an advocate for body confidence and self-care, she is a refreshing wake-up call from the never-ending illusion of perfection portrayed on social media and in magazines. 

Lawrence doesn’t just preach body positivity, she actively works to help others face their insecurities head on. As a former sufferer of body dysmorphia and an eating disorder, she is more than familiar with self-loathing and understands that acceptance of flaws is much easier said than done. 

However, her social media platforms are flush with thousands of supporters who thank her for empowering them with lessons in positive thinking.

Lawrence’s most recent project, The Mirror Challenge, allows her to personally assist those grappling with self-image issues and insecurities by changing the conversation surrounding body image.

The supermodel uses her voice to inspire others who need encouragement, positivity and a little help in overcoming their individual struggles. It has become her mission to teach self care and to push for the subject to become a priority in education. 

Lawrence points out that, from a young age, many are taught that success is dependent on attractiveness, as evidenced by brands, magazines and television. “If we are insecure, we are a motivated consumer,” said Lawerence. Changing negative perceptions of yourself into positive ones is the first step in defeating the unattainable expectations of perfection.

Lawrence’s newest creation and venture in self-care advocacy, The Mirror Challenge, hit Facebook Watch last week with its first episode. In it, Lawrence seeks to build other people’s confidence by helping them see the value in themselves and their bodies beyond appearance. 

According to Lawrence, “The reason I created this show was because redefining what I saw when I looked in the mirror helped me find peace and fall in love with my body. After breaking the negative and damaging thought cycle or self-loathing I was able to reprogram how I viewed myself and place value in WHO I was, not just the outer packaging.” 

She helps others in their own journeys to unabridged self-love and appreciation in more ways than one.

As an ambassador for the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA), Lawrence created the NEDA Inspires Seal of Approval “to recognize unretouched imagery, companies, brands and people who are promoting healthy body image.” 

NEDA ended up awarding the designation to Aerie for using real, un-retouched women in advertising.

Lawrence doesn’t stop there, however. Her activism pervades social media, where she consistently reaches out to those seeking emotional support. Her self-care vlogs target body-shaming, the use of deception in the modeling industry and how-to’s such as “how to wear everything you’ve been told not to.” 

While there are many body-positive advocates, Lawrence takes action every day to further the cause. Beyond her pretty face is a strong, inspiring woman who takes seriously the idea that no one should be judged solely by outer appearance. Always leading by example, Lawrence is a game-changer in the modeling industry with her challenge for brands to become more socially responsible. 

It is amazing what one voice can do; positive thought leads to positive change. Everyone can learn a thing or two from this exceptional woman.

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