ready to glare in an article about smaller YouTube creators
Some YouTube channels such as Ready to Glare stand out for their quality content. (Image via Instagram/@readytoglare)

9 Small YouTube Creators You Might Like Based on Your Favorite Channels

The popular streaming platform offers an endless supply of content. Big creators dominate the conversation, but some underground channels set themselves apart from the rest.

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ready to glare in an article about smaller YouTube creators
Some YouTube channels such as Ready to Glare stand out for their quality content. (Image via Instagram/@readytoglare)

The popular streaming platform offers an endless supply of content. Big creators dominate the conversation, but some underground channels set themselves apart from the rest.

On a platform as vast and diverse as YouTube, it’s easy for small channels to become buried in the endless sea of content. In fact, about 500 hours’ worth of videos are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Users stream incredible amounts of content, averaging about 1 billion hours per day to make YouTube one of the most widely used streaming platforms out there. With this much viewership, few YouTube creators are able to stand out. Those who do usually have at least a million subscribers and a steady growth rate, but there are several small YouTube creators who produce quality content despite not having a large following. If you want to expand your viewing habits, try checking out some of these smaller creators with suggestions based on bigger channels you might know.

If you like Kurtis Conner: Not Even Emily

You might remember Not Even Emily from her Vine account that had over 400 million loops. But what you might not know is that she was one of the many popular Viners that moved to YouTube after the former app was discontinued. As a YouTube creator, Emily combines comedy and commentary to make hilarious videos about topics like cultural patterns, social media trends and more. Her videos have a laid-back style that feel like you’re talking with a friend, and her over-the-top skits and sarcastic sense of humor make her content fun and entertaining.

The "Talking Stage" of Relationships

If you like The Right Opinion: BlackWolfCompany

BlackWolfCompany creates long-form, in-depth analyses of YouTube drama and celebrity conflicts. Their videos cover everything from the origins of an issue to its aftereffects, and they detail each with thorough evidence and great production. What sets BlackWolfCompany’s videos apart is their ability to point out the real-world consequences of internet drama while moving beyond the screen. They examine the internet as a cultural authority, and they explore how its influence manifests in the audience’s own lives.

If you like The Take: Cynical Reviews

Cynical Reviews is a YouTube creator who reviews everything from bad movies to the spam emails in his inbox. His brutal honesty and clever insights make for videos that are both entertaining and informative. Cynical Reviews began making videos in 2018, and if you’ve ever watched a truly terrible movie or TV show, chances are he’s covered it. If you’re interested in film, weird internet trends or basically anything else that can be reviewed, you’ll find something you like on Cynical Reviews’ channel.

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If you like Lessons from the Screenplay: The Vile Eye

The Vile Eye makes video analyses of iconic villains from movies, books and TV shows in his series “Analyzing Evil.” He takes an in-depth perspective and studies the character psychologically, personally and within the framework of the story. By paying attention to the fine details between the lines, The Vile Eye casts your favorite villain in a new and more empathetic light. And in revealing the villain’s humanity, The Vile Eye both subverts what you know about them and digs into the complexities of their evil.

If you like Genius: Blank on Blank

Blank on Blank remixes interviews with famous figures by creating captivating animations and cutting together bits of lost interviews. With interviews from musicians, scientists and other notable names in pop culture, Blank on Blank is a window into the minds of the people the audience looks up to. Their uniquely intimate style goes beyond the typical celebrity interview and gets into the details of what makes fan favorites tick while reminding viewers of why they are legendary.

Carl Sagan on Extraterrestrials

If you like GQ ‘The Breakdown’: Dr. Elliott Carthy

Elliott Carthy is a therapist and YouTube creator who analyzes TV shows and famous historical cases from the perspective of a mental health professional. If you’ve ever watched your favorite show and wondered, “What is going through that character’s head right now?” Dr. Carthy can tell you. In addition to providing commentary on TV shows and movies, Dr. Carthy’s videos also break down pseudoscientific rhetoric that is perpetuated in media.

If you like D’Angelo Wallace: Cid Dwyer

Cid Dwyer is another YouTube creator who mainly focuses on YouTube drama and scandals. His channel is great for timely updates and fresh takes about developing cases. Dwyer provides plenty of evidence to back up his statements while also keeping his videos quick and to the point. Although a lot of his videos are about conflicts, Dwyer always keeps a friendly tone and makes his videos upbeat regardless of the subject matter.

If you like Tom Harlock: Ready to Glare

Ready to Glare is the channel of YouTube creator Giulia-Christine Philips where she explores celebrity drama, cultural phenomena, TikTok trends and more. Additionally, Philips also comments on controversial true crime cases, and she is great at providing an objective approach. As an English professor, Philips is able to articulate everything you wish you knew how to say about a particular issue. Her sharp wit and original takes will not only keep you entertained, but they’ll also leave you with a new perspective and plenty to think about.

If you like Cody Ko: Casey Aonso

YouTube creator Casey Aonso has been making videos since 2017, but only within the last two years has she started attracting a larger audience. Though she is most well-known for commenting on strange TikTok trends and shifts in culture, Casey also looks at funny topics with a playfully irreverent tone and sarcastic humor. She also creates videos of book reviews, music suggestions and various other rankings.

what the hell happened to reality tv?

These are only some of the many small YouTube creators who are out there producing awesome videos. Since there is so much content that exists on YouTube, it’s always fun to venture outside of your typical viewing habits and see what you might find. With millions of YouTube creators coming out with such interesting videos, why not spend some of that time exploring something new?

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