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What Their Favorite NFL Team Says About Their Relationship Style

Football ... and love?
July 27, 2022
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Fall is a beautiful time of year with its colored leaves, autumn air — and of course football and cuffing season! With this beloved season coming up so soon, let’s look at how a person’s favorite NFL team can determine their relationship style.

For many people, love and football are closely related. Fans of the sport suffer heartbreak, loss, joy and also celebrate success — sounds a lot like the rollercoaster of love. With that being said, one’s favorite football team can show a lot more than just where a person is from; it can also offer a psychological profile of who they are and in this case, how they would be in a relationship.

As you go out and meet new people, your first question should be: What is your favorite NFL team? Because this question will tell you more about that person than any other. And if you are already in a relationship, check their favorite team and see if you should be worried or excited about the future. So, let’s kickoff to the relationship styles of NFL fans.

Buffalo Bills

A Bills fan is your “Average Joe” type of relationship style. They’re a good person who can support you and make you happy. They are stable, good at what they do, and often see more success than failure. However, they just don’t seem to take that extra step. Yes, you guys will go on dates and have an overall successful relationship, but you may never get the ring or the happy marriage; you might just end up with a stable relationship with no end or future advancement in sight. If you want to play things safe, maybe this is the person for you; but if you want that sense of adventure and long-term spark, you won’t get it from them, at least not right now.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Steelers fans are the type of people who will bring up their ex in every possible scenario. Any relationship with them will make you feel like the backup to “the one that got away” and it’s not worth it to change their mind or become their one and only true love because they have already experienced that with someone else. In their minds, nothing will come close to what they used to have. 

New York Jets

Listen, if you are with a Jets fan, cherish them, because this is the most loyal person you will ever meet. They will always be there for you through the ups and downs — and I mean each one of them — much like how New York Jets fans stay loyal to a team that hasn’t seen success in decades.

Baltimore Ravens

If they are a Ravens fan, take a step back and see if the constant arguing is worth it. This person is going to be extremely defensive and will not back down from making sure you know they are right. At times, it may seem like you just can’t win. If that’s the case, it may be time to throw in the towel and walk away.

New England Patriots

This person has seen a lot of success in their life but has taken the people that have helped them achieve that success for granted. They have recently entered a slump, as they seem to be stuck in a downward spiral that was caused by losing someone they relied on for success. It might be tricky to navigate a relationship with this person who is still picking up the pieces of their broken streak and trying to find new people that they can rely on. Or maybe you can become the new person who they can rely on, but only if you will put in a lot of work and wait for a reward further down the line.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

If they are a Bucs fan, they have probably entered the part of their life where success and happiness are finally in the cards for them. This person has recently worked on themselves and improved their relationship skills. They are definitely ready to be a part of a mature and trusting relationship that becomes a successful long-term marriage, so if you are looking for something serious, these Bucs fans are waiting on their ship to sail into the sunset with you.

Denver Broncos

Broncos fans are prone to getting cold feet. These are the people who will be in long-term relationships and can make it to the altar but just can’t clinch the ring. It isn’t that they have commitment issues or struggle to say, “I do”; it just seems like no matter how many times they get close, something will always go wrong, and they never get to put the ring on their finger — much like how the Denver Broncos have lost a record of five Super Bowl rings. However, when this person is able to get past the obstacles and secure the ring, the marriage will be a happy and prosperous one; it’s the journey of getting them there that is difficult.

Cleveland Browns

DO NOT ENGAGE! A fan of the Browns is not the relationship type. This person not only has a strong tendency to self-sabotage but also takes it to the next level by sabotaging everyone else they touch. Whenever something good comes into their life, this person will ruin it in the worst possible manner. So, if you meet a Browns fan, it might be safer to turn around and walk the other way.

The NFL may seem like a dumb way to judge how people may act in a relationship, but a favorite team can clearly tell you a lot about a person and their values. So next time you are at a speed dating event, definitely ask them what their favorite NFL team is.

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