The Uncanny Counter

‘The Uncanny Counter’ and What To Expect From the Second Season

After the season finale achieved the highest ratings in the show's history, the fantasy thriller has left fans itching for Season 2.
February 18, 2021
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“The Uncanny Counter” is a South Korean television series about a group of demon hunters called “Counters” who pose as workers in a small noodle shop. It is a fantasy adventure series where ordinary humans get incredible super powers that they struggle to harness.

The first season of the show is currently available to stream on Netflix.

The show is based off of the webtoon “Amazing Rumor” by Jang Yi and centers on main character So Mun. He’s a disabled high school boy that was randomly chosen to be a Counter. Through battling bloodthirsty demons and reconnecting to his past, So Mun begins to uncover the ugly truth behind his parents’ death.

Quick Synopsis of ‘The Uncanny Counter’

In “The Uncanny Counter,” each character has a spirit residing within them. Through that spirit, they each get their own individual power. There are four Counters in total. Do Ha-na is a cold-hearted girl who can sense evil spirits and read people’s memories when she touches them. Ga Mo-tak is a retired detective who is super strong and can jump great distances. Choo Mae-ok is the motherly figure with incredible healing abilities, and finally So Mun, who is the newest addition to the evil spirit hunting group, possesses superhuman speed and psychometry. Together they search for and fight against evil spirits that escaped from the afterlife to prey on humans.

All of the Counters went through a life-or-death experience, which is why they were all chosen to hunt down evil spirits in exchange to be able to live their lives — except for So Mun, who was chosen at random.

The Story

So Mun got into a car crash about seven years ago, where he became disabled and lost his parents. He currently lives with his grandparents, and is an aspiring artist who wishes to produce his own superhero animation with his friends Im Ju-yeon and Kim Ung-min.

Normally, spirits look for someone in a coma to possess, but this time, a spirit finds So Mun. Once the Counters figure out from Choi Jang-moo, the Counter in charge, that the spirit went to So Mun, they quickly go find him to tell him everything he needs to know. After learning that Counters have to deal with evil spirits who reside in regular human bodies and gain strength by killing and consuming their victims’ souls, So Mun has to make a decision whether or not he wants to join their ranks.

Since he has a life to lose, as opposed to the Counters that are currently in comas, he rejects the offer out of fear. However, after learning that being a Counter can give him the ability to walk again, he begins to consider the proposition. He doesn’t officially accept the offer until he makes a deal with the spirit residing in him —So Mun will become a Counter, and in exchange, he will get to see his parents before they head off into the afterlife.

Throughout the show, Ga Mo-tak begins to dig into his past when he used to be a detective. He eventually makes a discovery and finds out he was connected to So Mun’s father. Through this discovery, the Counters learns that the car crash So Mun was in from seven years ago was an attempted murder. They find themselves involved in solving the case of So Mun’s parents while simultaneously hunting down evil spirits.

When To Expect Season 2

“The Uncanny Counter” finished with huge success. It was confirmed in late January that a second season is currently in the works, and it is rumored to begin filming this September. If the plan goes through, it may be released in January 2022.

In the last episode, the Counters complete their investigation and tie up all the loose ends, establishing a group dynamic that will likely be explored in the second season. There are some wonderful emotional moments, including the reunion with So Mun’s parents. The Counters are also told that they need to explore the country and bring down more evil spirits. They don’t exactly like the idea, but still head out on a road trip.

The production team of the film did not originally plan on making a second season. However, following the successful run of the show, “The Uncanny Counter” may end up becoming a seasonal show. It is still not confirmed whether or not it will continue to be streamed on Netflix.

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