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Calling all film lovers – this is the app for you!

The only thing better than watching a film is creating a record of it for the world to see. Letterboxd has become just the place for that. For film buffs, most of the fun can be found in documenting everything they have ever watched. This social platform brings together a community of film lovers and gives them a place to openly share this mutual interest. Together, they have transformed the movie app into a reliable opinion-generated source. It all starts with a perfectly curated username and the user’s four favorite films. It ends with a seemingly endless number of movies.

Despite the app launching back in 2011, it really only took off in the past couple of years. By 2021, Letterboxd’s performance skyrocketed in comparison to previous years. Now, there are more Letterboxd users than ever, and they actively convince their fellow film buffs to join them.

Since then, the site has expanded its features and now offers paid memberships. Serious Letterboxd aficionados are willing to pay this membership fee for its accompanying perks. The ‘Pro’ membership (at $18.99) removes third-party ads, and the ‘Patron’ membership (at $48.99) guarantees users access to additional features and benefits.

Similar to IMDB or Rotten Tomatoes, this platform has become a reliable method of rating films. Fans use the app to report their thoughts on a movie and rate it out of five stars. A film’s average rating gives viewers a sense of other users’ thoughts after having watched it. The accumulated opinions have only grown since the app took off.

Letterboxd was so successful that its influence rippled onto other social media platforms. After receiving verification, Letterboxd rapidly accumulated followers on Twitter and TikTok. There, the comment sections are filled with an outpouring of love for the platform and what it stands for. The company even expanded to the red carpet where representatives regularly attend movie premieres and interview directors and actors. One of their most viral TikTok videos was an interview conducted with Taylor Russell during the “Bones and All” premiere. The interviewer caught up with her and captured the viral soundbite: “I love Letterboxd! Me and my friends are always like, ‘What are they saying on Letterboxd? Let’s tune in!’”

The Letterboxd website reserves a safe space for film lovers to curate watch lists for films they wish to see in the future. This feature feels the most personal since users can add as many films as they’d like. These lists can be curated around a specific actor, director, film studio or other niche interest. One can name lists after the films they feature or come up with witty original titles, adding an element of whimsy to the Lettterboxd experience.

Though it’s best to sit with a movie after a first watch, Letterboxd is the ideal platform to witness conversation surrounding a film. Of course, many viewers also prefer to look into a film before they watch it since this can provide valuable context. Movie lovers who haven’t yet created an account may want to consider it. Once they choose a witty username, they are on the way to logging, tracking and reading through reviews on the wonderful world of film that is Letterboxd.

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