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Reimagining the Last Star Wars Trilogy, With the Stories From the New Series

Could the last three films have been better and less divisive if they had the characters in ‘The Mandalorian’ and other upcoming Disney+ series?

February 26, 2021
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The Skywalker Saga came to a polarizing end as the twin suns set upon the “Star Wars” franchise, leaving fans divided and left with little faith in what was next. Achieving light when all hope seemed to be lost, Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni came to the rescue as they began to capture the lightning in a bottle that the series once had. With the massive success of their hit Disney+ show, “The Mandalorian,” the galactic, mystical spirit of “Star Wars” has spread in a way that hasn’t been seen in a long time.

In the last few years, Disney has managed to depart from a predestined road to failure onto a new path to what could be the series’ greatest endeavor since the release of the original trilogy. Alongside “The Mandalorian” and its explosion of new characters and a deep expansion of the universe’s future, there are beloved video games like “Jedi: Fallen Order,” the mind-blowing closure to the “Clone Wars” animated show and the fantastic “Rebels” animated series, which have all been a catalyst for the new, limitless potential of the franchise’s upcoming story. Now, Disney is capitalizing on the excitement. An onslaught of 10 new Disney+ shows has been announced that could take “Star Wars” to cosmic heights it has never seen before.

With these new stories on the horizon, it is hard not to be bothered by the obvious rush and poor plotting behind the sequel trilogy. Whether one loved it or not, fans typically agree that there didn’t seem to be much of a plan from the dawn of “The Force Awakens.” With a new setup that seems to reflect the precise planning of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, one cannot help but imagine what the sequel trilogy and conclusion of the Skywalker Saga would have been like if production began in the modern era. A vast array of colorful characters has been introduced and the possibilities are limitless, but here is a new illustration of what the sequel trilogy could have become.

Movie #1

The threat of the Yuuzhan Vong blooms in the shadows of the far reaches of the galaxy as the New Republic and the Empire fumble over insignificant trade routes and the shallowness of political power. While Luke Skywalker returns to his Jedi Temple and to teenage apprentice Grogu after the assassination of Leia Skywalker, Han Solo and Chewbacca retreat to the Outer Rim to mourn their loss. While the two begin their adventures in vengeance and lawlessness, Ezra Bridger and Grand Admiral Thrawn are revealed to have settled their differences in the wake of Thrawn exposing the true greatest threat to the galaxy: the wrath of the Yuuzhan Vong species. While Ezra goes to the Jedi Council to confront the master Jedi with news of impending doom, Thrawn sets out to convince the leaders of the Empire, Ben Solo and Rey Palpatine.

The Jedi Masters and Sith conquerors both doubt the supposed epidemic of oncoming warfare. The conflicted Luke Skywalker questions the nature of Ezra as a Jedi and the ideology of the Jedi itself, while Rey Palpatine and Ben Solo remember the unruly nature of Thrawn and ignore his warning because of their desire to change the Empire into the galaxy’s symbol of peace and protection. Ahsoka Tano stands alone in believing the existential threat posed to the galaxy and goes out to Mandalore to visit her old friends, Din Djarin, Bo-Katan and Sabine Wren, for more wisdom. The first movie ends with Skywalker reluctantly confronting Bridger about what is next for the universe as Thrawn is cornered by Palpatine and Skywalker’s heir: “The light side, the Dark Side, it all must come to an end. I have seen the truth, the Vong are the enemies that will unite us in balance and unison,” Bridger and Thrawn simultaneously explain to their adversaries as the first movie ends in a clash of sabers and philosophies.

Movie #2

The second movie begins as Ahsoka Tano and her Mandalorian friends become the first to be confronted by the power of the Yuuzhan Vong. As they invade Mandalore, the news of the destruction spreads across the stars as the once mystical nightmare becomes reality. Tano, Djarin, Katan and Wren escape to rescue Bridger from the Jedi Temple’s prison while the grizzly, experienced bounty hunter Boba Fett is hired by some of Thrawn’s closest mercenaries to rescue him from the Empire’s penitentiary. As Grogu finally begins to become a young adult, he comes into himself as a powerful Jedi Knight alongside his stormtrooper-turned-Jedi Padawan friend, Finn. The Yuuzhan Vong confront the galaxy and take over entire solar systems with ease, as the freed Ezra Bridger is able to convince Luke Skywalker to meet with Thrawn in an effort to bring the galaxy together against the never-ending chaos of the Vong species. The second movie concludes with Luke Skywalker confronting Ben Solo and Rey Palpatine, as Ben Solo presents a trick up his sleeve: a hostage — his father, Han Solo.

Rey Palpatine questions whether or not to join Ben Solo as he tells Luke Skywalker that the Empire will be the one to bring order to the Yuuzhan Vong and reign over the universe in the wake of their destruction. This scene culminates as Luke’s lightsaber is ignited in a duel to save the galaxy’s existence and Ben Solo slays his father to prove that the Sith will always rule and that the only way to defeat the Vong species is through the power of the Dark Side. The credits roll as the galaxy seems doomed while separation and complexities divide the Force users and torment “Star Wars” fans’ favorite characters with elements of tragedy and forthcoming destruction. However, in a post-credits scene, Grogu and Finn build their first lightsabers, perhaps serving as the galaxy’s last glimmer of hope.

Movie #3

The Yuuzhan Vong is at peak strength and arrogance as they approach the core systems of the New Republic and Empire. Luke Skywalker is left disheveled after the loss of his sister, his best friend and his nephew to the Dark Side while Bridger, Tano and the Mandalorians console him as they prepare to defend themselves against the potential devastation of the galaxy. Rey Palpatine, with her newfound cynicism toward the Empire, leaves the throne of the Emperor with Boba Fett and Thrawn. As they race to Coruscant to aid the remnants of the New Republic, Ben Solo is visited by the Yuuzhan Vong. The Empire begins to be decimated during their final stand, while the New Republic is left with a dire decision: to help the Empire or to stay hidden from the Vong species.

Luke Skywalker is resurrected from the trenches of defeat and depression, as he is persuaded by Grogu and Finn to lead the final charge against the Vong species and the Empire. The Mandalorians and the New Republic unite in the galaxy’s last battle, as the Jedi and Rey Palpatine go to confront Ben Solo in one last attempt to save the universe. Solo prepares the new ultimate weapon that is designed to eradicate any and all life, while Skywalker and Palpatine arrive. The third movie finishes with Solo and Skywalker heroically sacrificing themselves to destroy the superweapon and hold off the Yuuzhan Vong long enough to unite the Empire, the New Republic and the Mandalorians. Rebels and stormtroopers stand together while the Jedi and Sith become allies.

All the characters stand alongside each other as generals as they lead the ultimate fight in the history of existence. The war ends with the united systems standing together above the ruins of the Yuuzhan Vong in a perfect balance of darkness and light as Grogu exclaims before the credits roll, “We do not have The Force, we are The Force.”

The Skywalker Saga ends with a beautiful soliloquy that solidifies the balance of The Force and the peace of the galaxy.

The End of Star Wars

This is a rough estimate of what the sequel trilogy could have been. The possible concepts and stories that the sequel trilogy could have followed are infinite but take the time to imagine this: a story for the ages of Star Wars’ fan-favorite characters and stories combining forces to defeat an apocalypse that leaves the galaxy as united as ever in the finale of the greatest franchise to ever exist. A long, long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… the Skywalker Saga concluded in a way that elevated the “Star Wars” franchise and brought fans together beyond their wildest imaginations in a passionate story that defines the nature of The Force and rewards the undying love of the fan base.

Nevertheless, the twin suns have risen once again and are shining upon the “Star Wars” universe. All “Star Wars” fans are in for a treat in regard to what is next for this incredible universe.

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