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Cosplay: 5 Best Movie Costumes To Banish Your COVID-19 Blues

A little dress-up never hurt anybody.
February 26, 2021
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As COVID-19 continues to hit everybody hard, forcing people worldwide to live under harsh restrictions for over a year, perhaps now is a good time to plan a fancy dress party. This party can be as effective in small crowds as it can be in good groups.

So long as you are following any guidelines set in your locality, you can still try to have as much fun as possible — and there isn’t anything much more fun than a great bit of cosplay action.

When it comes to creating your outfit there are two options. You can either shell out for a ready-made costume or make your own. While it’s fun to shop around for that perfect outfit, it’s also great to set about the challenge of putting together your own creation.

To help you get in the mood, here is a list of five movie characters you can look to copy as you get your cosplay game on!

1. Harley Quinn

A firm favorite in the cosplay community for many reasons. Firstly, the costume is very effective and simple to put together. All you need is a tight shirt, short shorts and a baseball bat covered in barbed wire. Simple. This look can be completed with the addition of a pair of grey colored contacts to perfect the entire look.

This look was perfected by Margot Robbie in the not-so-successful recent film adaptation of the “Suicide Squad” comic book. In fact, it’s perhaps her outfit that is the only aspect of the movie that attracted positive reviews.

Pigtails optional.

2. Wolverine

Another comic book character. This one has a number of looks but the easiest way to complete it is to wear a white vest and a pair of jeans. Now the hair here is a tricky one to pull off.

Either you naturally have the hair needed to make this look — more specifically, ample hair to shape and sculpt as well as a strong set of sideburns. Or you go for a wig.

Add to this a cigar and any type of cutlery you have lying around to replicate Wolverine’s claws.

3. Walter White

A break from the superhero genre now. In case you’ve been living under a rock for most of the century, Walter White is the lead character in “Breaking Bad” and his look is easy to put together but may require some sacrifices to be made.

The clothing options here are simple enough. Think of the get-up your dad might be wearing right now. Simple shirt and a white jacket and slacks. Now comes the hard part. A pair of basic glasses — and you’ll then have to shave off your hair.

This look also works well with a yellow hazmat suit.

4. Austin Powers

Oh behave! Now when it comes to cosplay costumes that are fairly easy to put together and assemble, Austin Powers is always a firm favorite. When it comes to replicating the style and aesthetic created by this genius Mike Myers character, you’ll have to go for a stereotypical ‘60s outfit, and a good place to start is a good old fashioned thrift store.

Here you’ll find the garish shirts, bell bottom flares and, indeed, even a great jacket, but remember the key element in a good Austin Powers costume is the spectacles. You can find the best glasses online or look for a pair in any clothing store.

5. The Joker

And back to the comic book genre. The Joker outfit being referred to here is the style adopted by Joaquin Phoenix in his Oscar-winning role.

This requires a red corduroy suit — the more tattered the better — an orange waistcoat and a green shirt and tie. Then comes the makeup.

Now you may choose to apply this yourself, which can lead to varying degrees of success, but it’s suggested that you let a professional put this together as it really is the essence of the overall look. If you want to make a slight adjustment and aim for the Joker as represented by Jared Leto, then the inclusion of some shock green colored contacts will go a long, long way.

All you then have to do is perfect a maniacal laugh that scares away the general public and you are then good to go!

Other Notable Alternatives

The options above are pretty much the crowd pleasers but there is literally an endless list of alternatives. Consider going old school — not 50 years or more, but rather, more forgotten classics..

Most people know, and agree, that the fantasy series “The Game of Thrones” ended poorly, but that doesn’t mean you need to extinguish the memory of what was, overall, a great TV show — and there are endless inspirations to be had, whether that’s dressing like Jon “You Know Nothing” Snow or the Mother of Dragons herself.

Another classic in the cosplay genre that is worth a comeback is anything to do with the “Lord of the Rings” trilogy.

A favorite from this classic film series would be Legolas, but if you want to really cut your costs, dress as a hobbit. Hell, some of you may already have the feet to fit the part!

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