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Frozone side characters

Some supporting characters are so good, they shouldn’t have to steal scenes.

James Bond, the celebrated, fictional British agent, is known for his prowess in the field of espionage, constantly outmaneuvering enemies in almost inhuman ways. One of his epic car chases in the movie “Goldfinger,” for example, had his vehicle loaded up with built-in machine guns, a smoke screen and even an ejector seat.

You can’t deny Bond’s skill, but none of his success would have been possible without Q, his trusty gadget master. An iconic side character, Q crafted the devices that helped Bond bring the Queen’s justice to many a villain.

Even a baddie can make for an exemplary side character. What would “The Little Mermaid” have been without Ursula, the evil sea-witch scheming to steal poor, unfortunate Ariel’s voice? Can you imagine a world where people don’t wonder how the Joker got his scars in “The Dark Knight”?

Side characters help turn films into spectacles, and, from heinous evildoers to quirky guides, Hollywood has seen plenty of quality supporting roles over the years. Actress Zelda Williams recognized this and started a Twitter thread of side characters that deserve to star in films of their own.

Fans eagerly jumped on the bandwagon and added in their own suggestions, and this list compiles some of the best responses.

1. Frozone from “The Incredibles”

“WHERE. IS. MY. SUPER. SUIT?” The line destined to be remembered for decades to come, uttered by Mr. Incredible’s icy friend, the one and only Frozone.

Not the most surprising suggestion, considering the hype surrounding the recent release of “Incredibles 2.” Fans would go absolutely nuts over a Frozone movie, showcasing him sliding through the city and fighting crime — now that he’s finally located his super suit.

2. Nakia, Okoye and Shuri from “Black Panther”

Movies starring the female supporting characters of “Black Panther”? I have no doubt they would all be spectacular.

Nakia, Wakandan spy, carrying out secret missions while dealing with her relationship with T’Challa on the side. Okoye, leader of Wakanda’s armed forces, fiercely eliminating anything and everything that poses a threat to her country.

And who could forget Shuri, the hilariously lovable Wakandan Head of Science, constantly innovating while engaging in playful banter with her brother, the king. You’d catch fans racing to the theaters to watch these films.

3. The Muses from “Hercules”

Remember the songstresses that belted out the narrative, gospel tunes carrying you through the tale of Hercules? Calliope, Clio, Thalia, Terpsichore and Melpomene?

Muses side characters
If Herc can go from zero to hero, why can’t the Muses go from side to center? (Image via Disney Wiki)

Yes, they have names, and probably fascinating backstories too. The five Muses told you his story — wouldn’t you like to know theirs?

4. Inigo Montoya from “The Princess Bride”

The master swordsman who spoke the most quotable words in a famously quotable movie: “Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.”

“The Princess Bride” has many quirky, intriguing characters adventuring alongside Buttercup and Wesley, with Inigo Montoya being one of the best. A movie detailing his life before “The Princess Bride” narrative began, with more backstory about his father and childhood? Get the popcorn ready.

5. Draco Malfoy from the “Harry Potter” films

Everyone’s favorite Slytherin and Harry’s schoolyard rival, the angsty, platinum blond mystery. The “Harry Potter” films slant heavily toward Gryffindor House, so why not delve into the world of Slytherin?

Sink your teeth into a narrative laced with pride, struggle and malicious intent, told by the enigma that is Draco Malfoy. It would open up a whole new side of the tale of “Harry Potter,” not to mention the doors of movie theatres around the world.

6. Baby Groot from “Guardians of the Galaxy 2”

The last and most diminutive of the worthy side characters is Baby Groot, the adorable but powerful member of the Guardians team.

Baby Groot’s twig-shaking dance moves never fail to put a smile on fans’ faces, and I can’t think of anyone that would be unhappy just watching him exist for 90 more minutes.

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