'Friends' will soon be gone from the iconic streaming platform. (Image via Google Images)

It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Some Old Mainstays on Netflix

‘Friends,’ ‘The Office’ and more are leaving the OG streaming service for new territory.

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'Friends' will soon be gone from the iconic streaming platform. (Image via Google Images)

‘Friends,’ ‘The Office’ and more are leaving the OG streaming service for new territory.

The rumors are true and fans are devastated. Netflix has paved the way for streaming services and rapidly changed the media industry. Prior to Netflix, fans could only watch shows on TV channels at specific times. However, the platform was able to provide shows on demand. What once started off as an online DVD rental company rapidly expanded and ran Blockbuster out of business, yet now flagship shows are increasingly leaving Netflix behind.

The concept of on-demand streaming isn’t as new as it used to be. Now, a lot more networks are getting on board after seeing the massive success Netflix has had. Popular networks such as NBC Universal and HBO are set to launch their very own streaming services in 2020. With several other services already out, such as Hulu and Disney Plus, these networks need all the shows they can get to draw in an audience. This is why in 2020 a lot of shows are going to be leaving Netflix and relocating to a different streaming service.

Despite desperate attempts to keep “Friends” on Netflix, the iconic sitcom will be officially leaving the streaming service in 2020. Back in 2018, Netflix paid WarnerMedia, the original owners of the sitcom, $100 million to keep the show on its platform. However, it was speculated that the show wouldn’t last that long on the service and would be finally leaving Netflix once WarnerMedia started their own streaming service. Those speculations were proven to be true.

WarnerMedia is set to launch their own streaming service, HBO Max, in 2020, meaning “Friends” will be moved to Warner’s platform. Back in 2018, fans were outraged when Netflix announced they would be removing “Friends” from their site. This is what sparked the $100 million deal to keep the show running. However, this time around, fans are a bit more understanding of the situation.

In 2018, Netflix was the only place fans could watch “Friends” whenever they wanted. Now that the show is simply being moved to a different streaming service, fans aren’t as upset. Many have even turned the situation into a meme by poking fun at the fact that Netflix paid $100 million just to keep “Friends” on their site for an extra year.

Another streaming service is also set to take another classic away from Netflix in 2020. “The Office” is a fan favorite on the platform, but it will be leaving Netflix for NBCUniversal’s streaming service toward the end of 2020. The $100 million “Friends” deal swept headlines and was attached to the “Friends” name for months after the deal was made public. However, many fans weren’t aware of just how expensive “The Office” really is.

The show’s streaming rights were put up for auction so any streaming service could buy it. There were other companies that were interested, but Netflix and NBCU were the ones that were neck-and-neck for the show. It is unclear how much Netflix bid but there is an estimate of around $100 million, potentially more. NBCU bid $500 million to get the show onto their streaming service.

According to the Daily Beast, “It’s the No. 1 most-popular acquired show on Netflix,” so it makes sense why this show is so expensive. Unfortunately, Netflix did end up losing out on this auction and will have to say goodbye to one of its most popular streamed shows.

Fans were outraged when they first heard the news. One fan wrote, “If The Office leaving Netflix, I’m leaving Netflix,” which is surprisingly a lot of fans’ reactions. With the departure of “Friends” and “The Office,” Netflix could potentially see a decrease in viewers in the coming year.

The sensational American classic “Grease” will also be leaving Netflix. This show is set to leave at the end of January 2020. While the show isn’t as popular as the others mentioned, “Grease” still holds a special place in fans’ hearts and they’re devastated to see the show leave.

Similarly, “Zombieland” and “Becoming Jane” will also be leaving Netflix in 2020. Along with these shows, there are also a few others that are leaving such as “The Fighter,” “Forks Over Knives,” “The Rezort,” “Panic Room,” “La Reina del Sur: Season 1” and the Spartacus movies. It is unclear where these shows will be relocated, but they’re primarily leaving so that Netflix can introduce new shows to their site, which they’re going to need since the majority of their big-name titles are being moved to their competitors.

It is going to be interesting to see what the new year has in store for Netflix, and the media industry in general. For the longest time Netflix was the only provider for streaming on-demand until Hulu came around. In the next year alone, there will be several new streaming services launching. This could have devastating impacts on Netflix and their viewership.

With more streaming services trying to claim rights to fan-favorite shows that are only on Netflix, there is a chance that many more shows may leave in the future. However, it could also mean more Netflix originals. Netflix has had massive success with a few of their original series such as “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before,” “Fuller House,” “Patriot Act,” “Stranger Things” and, despite the controversy, “13 Reasons Why.” We don’t have to worry about Netflix losing these anytime soon. Perhaps Netflix will step up production on their originals in the future so they can keep up with shows being removed from the site.

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