illustration of the roblox logo on a laptop screen with a college banner and a graduation cap hanging in the background
Some games on Roblox, like its horror offerings, are even better suited for older players than its younger audience. (Illustration by Lucas DeJesus, Montserrat College of Art)

Roblox Offers Endless Entertainment for Children and Adults Alike

No hobby, including gaming, is limited by age. This online hub hosts countless role-playing, horror and other fun games, and it’s not just children who play them.

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illustration of the roblox logo on a laptop screen with a college banner and a graduation cap hanging in the background

No hobby, including gaming, is limited by age. This online hub hosts countless role-playing, horror and other fun games, and it’s not just children who play them.

Roblox is an online community where players can interact with friends and strangers in various games. It’s a free multiplatform collection of user-made games that anyone can enjoy. The website’s hub is organized into categories for ease of navigation. Users can search for game categories that best fit their interests, so it is nearly impossible to become bored. The website will also note players’ previous game choices and promote similar ones in the “Recommended For You” area.

While the games may have an art style suited to young children, they do not limit the various experiences available to others. Not only is it free to play Roblox games, but it is also free to create them. The fun never ends.

Aside from the games section, the website allows users to message friends, download free or paid customizations for their avatars and trade inventory items with others. It even has an in-game currency known as Robux, which allows players to unlock cosmetic items. In certain games, players can purchase game-enhancing items and abilities.

Roblox has an ESRB rating of E10+, meaning that anyone 10 or older can safely play the games. Safety features, such as blocking and reporting players who harass others, are heavily implemented throughout the website’s games. These measures enable parents to monitor what their children can do. This rule also prohibits older generations from using vulgar insults or names, making Roblox a family-friendly game for all ages.

Create a Roblox Account

To begin the journey into the Roblox world of limitless imagination, a player must create an account, which then allows them to choose their preferred username and customize their avatar to their liking. Afterward, they can install the Roblox Player or the Roblox app, which are available for Windows, MacOS, Xbox One, iOS and Android. Anyone with a low-end computer or phone can play with their friends.

Roblox currently has an in-game text chat feature for communicating with other players. However, the in-game voice chat is unreliable, and many people use phone calls, Skype, Xbox’s party chat or Discord to communicate with friends while playing online. These options make gameplay more enjoyable and relaxing, as there’s no need to stop playing to type out a message. Voice chat also lets friends communicate privately as opposed to in the public text chat.

Play Roblox Games

There are endless options on the website, so new players can pick from a wide range of games in different categories. While Roblox categorizes them well, it’s often best to play various game types to see which ones are the most enjoyable. Each creator’s imagination pushes the boundaries of storytelling and gameplay. Below are a few games that provide engaging, unique experiences for the community.

If a player wishes to play as a specific character, they can do so in role-playing games such as Fashion Famous, Adopt Me, Brookhaven or Jailbreak. In Jailbreak, players can either pretend to be cops and arrest wrongdoing citizens, or play as criminals and escape prison and rob places. Fashion Famous, in contrast, is a themed dress-up game that leads to a fashion show where all the players on the server can rate each other’s outfits. These role-playing games are ideal for players who are nostalgic for their childhood and want to relive their favorite games.

If some people are uncomfortable playing with strangers or can’t find a server for all their friends to join, they can play certain games with their friends through private servers, like Hide and Seek Transform. There are also obby, simulator and tycoon games for those looking for more relaxing entertainment.

Some players like to play anime games, like JoJo Mania, My Hero Mania, Attack on Titan: Downfall and Ro-Ghoul, which remind them of their favorite anime shows. Other popular games, like Murder Mystery 2, Survive the Killer, Break In (Story), Granny and Flee the Facility, require strategic skills to escape from killers. All these games demonstrate that anyone of any age can find something they want to play.

In contrast to those joyful games, there are creepy games that only older generations may think are worth trying. Frightening and disturbing games include School History, Dead Silence, It Lurks, Dark Wood, PT Unreal and Holmes Hospital. These horror games might be too daunting for younger players due to the anxiety-induced chills, haunting landscape and sinister sound effects. Some of the games listed earlier, like Granny, Camping, Survive the Killer and Flee the Facility, are “scary games” but not categorized as horror because they don’t give most players the same goosebumps and sweat effects.

Roblox has a lot of games and content available for players. Browse by category through the countless video games that users have created, and find something you like. Roblox’s influence on children is undeniable. It stays with them and awaits their return, whenever that may be. But people of all ages are welcome — as are those who are children at heart or eager to play horror games.

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