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‘Succession’ Is Already Renewed for a Fourth Season Just 3 Episodes Into the Third

Fans are obviously eager to see more of the HBO Max show and the drama that its dysfunctional, upper-class family brings.
November 10, 2021
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According to Deadline, a fourth season of HBO Max’s “Succession” has been renewed not even three episodes into Season 3. This comes after rave reviews and the audience’s increased fascination with the series’s successful first three seasons.

Described by Ben Zacarelli of Medium as “a serious, serious drama … littered with humor piggybacking on the hypocrisy of the super wealthy,” the series follows the Roy family, an “amalgamation of American media moguls.”

The nail-biting series leads its audience on a tumultuous, heart-palpitating ride as the patriarch of the family, Logan Roy, played by Brian Cox, fights to keep the control of Waystar Royco — his conglomerate and the world’s fifth most powerful company — from his children, Kendall (Jeremy Strong), Siobhan (Sarah Snook), Roman (Kieran Culkin) and Conner (Alan Ruck).

“Succession” confronts themes ranging from inherited wealth to limitless power while throwing in a dash or more of manipulation, domestic conflict and dark humor. For people who haven’t acquainted themselves with the Roy family’s dysfunctionality, it’s a show worth looking into.

The storylines of Season 1 and Season 2 were both filled with twists and turns many viewers couldn’t have fathomed, which proves the series is not fooling around when it comes to discussing money, power and the exploitation the upper class readily wields when it’s in their best interest.

Predominantly set in New York City, the phenomenal actors and actresses who portray the aforementioned members of the Roy family are also accompanied by numerous outstanding performances by Nicholas Braun as Greg Hirsch, Matthew Macfadyen as Tom Wambsgans, Hiam Abbass as the third matriarch of the Roy family and so many more supporting characters who add the cherry on top of the sundae that is “Succession.”

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Kendall Roy, the ostensibly shiny and clean child of the family, holds some dark secrets and struggles to manage sobriety all while attempting to be a father to his children and maintaining a civil relationship with his ex-wife, Rava. He is willing to do what’s best for the family-owned Waystar Royco.

Siobhan Roy, the only daughter of the family, is a hard, quick-witted and cunning political strategist fighting through sexist barriers on her way to the top. She does this side by side with Tom, her often awkward and obtuse partner who means well and is best known for some cringe moments on the show. Needless to say, the two are an odd match but somehow work through unsteady compromises.

Roman Roy is a self-involved, irritating and lost wannabe daddy’s boy who often finds himself in his siblings’ shadows. Roman frequently finds himself derailed by the inconsistency of his hit-or-miss ideas. Though Roman seems to be the disappointing child, he makes up for it with his off-color humor, banter and unwillingness to give up no matter who he ends up dissatisfying. His personality could ultimately reform his potential.

The eldest child, Conner Roy, who sometimes hovers the line between creepy and predatory, behaves self-righteously while he sits at his New Mexico estate paid for by his father while funding his not-so-interested partner, Willa. His disinclination to make something of himself and his tendency to hop from project to project without finishing what he started reveals Conner’s childlike attitude when he doesn’t get his way.

Logan Roy, a stubborn, grouchy and forceful man, wields relentless and oftentimes merciless power and deception, which is sure to confuse viewers who attempt to figure this mogul out. It appears frankly impossible to do so; although, it seems his wife Marcia is the only one who is 100% on her husband’s side. Marcia is quite mysterious, quiet and sometimes even sly. Fans don’t know much about her, which makes her a truly intriguing character, and the quest to find out more has left viewers on the edge of their seats.

There’s also Greg Hirsch, who is Logan’s great-nephew. Greg moves to New York to attempt to assimilate into the lifestyle of the wealthy Roy family but often finds it overwhelming and ridiculous. Greg offers a lot to the family despite his anxiety and uncertainty of where he stands among the Roys.

Reviews from several sources confirm “Succession” is a must-watch series. A Critic Consensus made by Rotten Tomatoes about the HBO Max show’s third season said, “Fans already buying what ‘Succession’ is selling will be pleasantly surprised to find its third season in crackling form — even if it gets a little too real from time to time.” The review reveals something apparently all too true for fans as each season seems to trump its predecessor.

The series is discussed in a similar tone by Den of Geek, who said the show is a “black comedy about the world of mega-corporations, mega-wealthy families and extreme nepotism” that “has expertly portrayed, vilified and satirized the comings and goings of modern and past figures like the Murdochs and the Hearsts from day one. It’s done this by never lying to the audience, but laying out everything that’s painfully awful and cringe-worthy about these characters in excruciating detail.”

Season 3 of “Succession” recently premiered on HBO Max on Oct. 17, with nine episodes set to air each Sunday, and it will conclude on Dec. 12. Season 4’s renewal shortly after Episode 3’s release did not shock the fan base. It’s rumored that the series will possibly be succeeded — pun intended — by another season after Season 4 wraps us.

All anyone knows for sure is that “Succession” has been a huge hit since it first premiered back in 2018. The perpetual rise in viewership, especially after the Season 2 finale, has made the series a top competitor among other television shows. With several acclamations under its belt, including 23 Emmy nominations with nine Emmy wins, it would be no surprise to see Season 3 up for more award nominations this year.

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