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‘Ozark’ Promises More Twists in Its Third Season

The third season of the critically-acclaimed crime drama is coming back to Netflix on March 27.
March 13, 2020
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“Ozark” is one of the best-rated TV series on Netflix. The first season of the TV series was launched on Netflix, back in 2017.

According to the IMDB rating, the TV show is ranked 8.3/10, while Rotten Tomatoes gives it “only” 76%, for the second season. It is slightly above average, but that should not put you off. The series is more than decent and the plot will get your attention straight away.

Plot Twist

The show is about an ordinary family, leading a very ordinary life. The main character, Marty, and his wife, Wendy, are a happily married couple with two teenage children. Everything seems to be fine, until the moment we find out about Marty’s real job. Marty is a financial advisor, working in Chicago’s financial district. He also serves as a top money launderer for the second-biggest drug cartel in Mexico. Things begin to change, and the calm life of the Byrde family begins to undo itself, as the family is uprooted from Chicago. They leave behind their comfortable lifestyle and move to the unruly plateaus of Missouri, the Ozarks.

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Long story short, the TV series is about crime, drug dealing, gambling, and of course, money laundering. You can expect anything and everything that is illegal to make an appearance in the TV show. You can argue that the show is a reflection of society’s darker side.

The second season of the TV show is really impressive and has earned a lot of positive feedback. One interesting plot twist comes with a storyline about a luxury casino boat. The purpose of the giant casino boat is to transport and launder hundreds of millions of dollars for the Mexican drug cartel. We got to learn about the huge sums of cash toward the end of the second season.

The whole plot regarding the casino and real money gambling has been extremely successful. The TV series took a nice plot twist with the introduction of the gambling sector. The inclusion of the boat has also been a very interesting move, taking after several famous casino related movies. Introducing gambling to the show means that we will witness some of the bigger hustles, more money laundering and more thrilling and exciting scenes in the show.

We are eagerly waiting to see what happens to the casino boat in the next series: Rumor has it that it is due to appear in the third season.

Objectively Successful

The third season of the series is expected to be even more successful. The crew is determined to build on the critical acclaim it has received for its second season. The TV show had one of the best appearances at the 71st Premier Emmy Awards. One thing is certain — the bar is set high.

We should say a couple of things about the show itself. Julia Garner, who plays the character of Ruth, is just a 19-year-old girl, who is just at the beginning of her acting career. Garner received a nomination for the best supporting actress in a drama series, despite her modest upbringing and “that girl next door” look. She beat the “Game of Thrones” actresses, taking the title all for herself.

The TV series focuses on individual identities and what stands at its core. For example, even though Marty and Wendy’s marriage seems to be very happy on the surface, the couple actually barely know each other. There are many pristine, little details throughout the entire TV series. Its attention on different personalities and character development is what makes it so interesting.


Jason Bateman is not only the leading character in the series: He is also its main executive producer. According to Laura Linney, who plays Wendy, the show greatly benefits from Bateman’s active presence. He adds a certain lightness to the set. Linney said that the entire filming crew made the atmosphere extremely welcoming. She said that Bateman is an incredibly genuine person with a real passion for film, as well as a true talent for working with people.

According to the initial agreement, Bateman was supposed to direct four episodes in total, the first and last two episodes for the series. But it now looks like Bateman is here to stay and might take on another directing job for the show.

While discussing the third season of “Ozark,” Bateman got asked if he ever considered quitting acting in favor of pursuing a career as a director. He responded saying that he loves acting too much, at least too much to make a switch straight away. Bateman said that he is unlikely to give up the rush that comes with acting. For him, directing is a different sort of challenge. It brought out new skills he did not know he had. Who knows — we might even see Bateman in the role of the main director sometime in future.

What Is Next?

After all the speculation, we are all very intrigued about the next season. The third season promises to unveil some old mysteries and explain some unanswered questions. Even though we will see some new plotlines, we can count on the same characters, played by the same actors. We are also hoping for some major comebacks. Who will make a surprise appearance?

We are spoiled by the choice of actors and directors. There are some assumptions about the murder of Cade Langmore. We already know that we will be moving closer to solving that riddle. Some of the major suspects include his daughter, Ruth, played by Julia Garner. Who else is on the list? His nephew Wyatt, as well as Marty, played by Jason Bateman himself. As the director, he surely decided on how to unravel the story. In the meantime, we anxiously await to see what comes next.

We are also expecting to see more female empowerment on the screen. We are likely to see more female characters taking a lead in solving the cases or shining new light on different plot twists. This is why we are waiting for Ruth’s or Wendy’s next moves. Wendy is known to derive pleasure from diving into criminal life, which has become increasingly evident throughout the second season.

Save the date — March 27 — and make yourself comfortable. Follow the most incriminated family of Missouri’s Ozarks and see where the story takes you.

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