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The Next ‘Spider-Man’ Film Will Be Titled ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’

Actor Tom Holland accidentally revealed the name on an Instagram post, but skeptics are calling the slip-up intentional.
June 25, 2018
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Marvel’s youngest superhero and the newest Spider-Man posted an Instagram update recently, perhaps inadvertently revealing some information about his next film.

The beloved actor of the Marvel Cinematic Universe franchise, Tom Holland, excitedly held up a tablet that he was using to read the script for the next movie in the Spider-Man saga.

Fans were quick to notice that the screen on the tablet disclosed the title for the “Spider-Man: Homecoming” sequel.

What is unclear is whether this display was a well-orchestrated marketing scheme put together by Marvel, or a genuine accident on Holland’s part.

If it was the latter, it would not be the first time the adorable movie star gave away a spoiler as a fluke. Back when “Avengers: Infinity War” had just been released, Holland dropped a spoiler at a screening for the movie, right before the audience watched it. Employing his endearing nature, he quickly covered his mouth as he realized he was on a live broadcast.


The bubbly “Spider-Man” star also struggled to keep plot details out of his interviews during “The Avengers” promotional tour. Luckily, he had Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays Dr. Strange in the Marvel Universe, at his side.

When Holland was at risk of revealing too much information, Cumberbatch came to the rescue (pun intended), stepping in to answer the question himself. The duo of Spider-Man and Dr. Strange makes for a rather entertaining pair.

A particularly memorable instance of Cumberbatch’s safeguarding occurred at the Disney D23 Expo, during which the interviewer asked Holland, “In Infinity War, are you a freelancer, do you go back to the Avengers?” Holland began responding, when he was promptly cut off by Cumberbatch interjecting, “I’ll answer it.”

Holland laughed as the experienced Cumberbatch steered the answer into a vague, no-spoilers direction. Thanks for keeping Marvel’s youngest in check, Dr. Strange.

So, due to Holland’s history of unintentionally sharing more than he is allowed to, I would not be surprised at all if the Instagram post that has fans buzzing was an accidental unveiling.

On the other hand, it is completely possible that Marvel is capitalizing on Holland’s spoiler-sharing habit in order to tease the title of the upcoming 2019 film to the world.

Just think about it — you have the lovable ray-of-sunshine of the Marvel Universe. He’s chilling at Comic-Con, excited for his next movie, conveniently due to be released in the wake of the “Avengers: Infinity War” hype.

Meanwhile, a Marvel marketing executive is pondering advertising strategies for the highly anticipated “Spider-Man” continuation, when the perfect introductory move strikes him. He calls up Tom Holland, tells him to post an innocent video, in which he just happens to show the camera the title of his next film on his tablet screen.

The Spider-Man fanbase goes wild, wondering if it was intended or an accident, while still remaining susceptible to how charming Holland and his character are. It’s the perfect recipe for giving the enthusiastic masses something to renew their restlessness.

Although I’m certain fans would be excited for “Spider-Man: Far From Home” regardless of the way the title was introduced to the public, this just seems like the perfect gambit.

Well played, Marvel, well played.

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