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Netflix’s "The Little Prince” Will Leave You an Emotional Wreck

The new animated film is perfect for clearing out your tear ducts.

Beautiful, captivating and wonderful are just a few words that describe “The Little Prince,” a film that was released via Netflix on August 5. The movie takes you on a little girl’s magical journey as she befriends the aviator and discovers what it really means to grow up. As you watch the film, you’re guaranteed to laugh, cry and be amazed because of its plot, characters, animation, etc.

Even if you don’t want to be the one who reaches for a tissue every 30 minutes, you need to watch “The Little Prince,” and here’s why.

1. Plot

Essentially, the film is about a little girl who is attempting to earn acceptance into Werth Academy with her mother’s help and a “life plan.” As the little girl follows her mother’s life plan, which involves studying numerous hours, the aviator (their neighbor) throws a paper airplane into the girl’s room. When she opens the airplane, she discovers a story accompanied by a drawing. Though she reads the story, she doesn’t care much about it until later. As time progresses, the little girl befriends the aviator, ignores her life plan and learns about the little prince.

The plot is amazing because it is extremely creative and well thought out. Characters that you thought you weren’t going to see again show up later and have an important role, twists that were unexpected make you gasp and moments that seem insignificant have deep meaning. You never feel bored as you’re watching “The Little Prince,” because it’s such a heart-tugging story that everyone can relate to.

2. Characters

Not only is the story relatable, but so are the characters. None of the individuals in the film have a name, which allows you to identify with them even more. For example, the little girl is just as her “name” implies—a little girl. She can be any girl in the world, just as you are one of many viewers. Therefore, it doesn’t matter where you come from or who you are, because you can be the mother, the little girl, the aviator or even the little prince.

Nevertheless, each character has their own unique traits, so not one of them is exactly like the other. You’ll see that certain characters are really fun, creative and heart-warming, while others are serious, strict and businesslike. The characters are ultimately divided into two categories: busy adults and adventurous children. Which side are you?

3. Animation

There will be so many times when the movie’s animation just gets to you, and if it doesn’t, then I will be extremely surprised. While you watch the film, you will wonder where pictures like “The Little Prince” have been your entire life, as the animation, with its breathtaking colors, movements and settings, is exquisite.

As each scene plays, you’ll have a particular feeling fill your heart according to what you are witnessing—it really is that powerful. From sunrises, hands drifting and rain falling, no bit of animation is out of place, so you are never kicked back to reality.

4. Messages

Even though the message is clear within the first thirty minutes of the film, the theme is strong and never feels overworked. Once you discover what the movie is saying (when you become an adult, never forget your inner child), you’ll find different instances of it being reinforced, thus adding to your understanding of the meaning.

When you first uncover the message, you feel like you comprehend it right away, but as the film continues, you realize that it’s not that simple to follow and has multiple layers. At the end of the movie, you’ve internalized the theme so deeply that you start questioning whether you’ve let your inner child die or begin to think of ways to keep that kid in you alive.

Though “The Little Prince” centers itself around its main theme, there are also other lessons you’ll come across as you watch the film. One of the most emotional themes regards love for others, which is a tissue grabbing moment: “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” Who knew that a fox could teach not only a little boy, but also thousands of people, just how essential love is?

5. Symbolism

If you like uncovering symbols, you’ll have loads of fun analyzing “The Little Prince.” Even if you don’t, the symbols in the film are so well thought out that they are obvious.

For example, after the mother and the little girl move to their new house, you’ll notice that every house looks exactly same (square and white), all of their neighbors are wearing some shade of black or grey, and everyone follows a routine—everyone but the aviator of course. Everything about him is colorful, like his house and clothes, and he does whatever his heart desires.

Continuing the color symbolism, whenever the characters are in the real world, most of the colors are dull, consisting of blacks, grays and whites. Nothing seems to have much movement in that realm, as if they are stuck in their same routine. If there is movement, it’s a repeated one in the sense that we’ve seen that movement before; therefore, all of their actions are obvious. You know that once the day starts, everyone will get ready and follow the same path to work.

However, when the characters are in the imaginative world, everything is full of bright colors of all sorts of vibrant shades. There is constant movement, so what will occur next is always uncertain, but one thing is guaranteed: The scene will be lovely.

Essentially, the uniformity that the houses have symbolizes dullness, while the colors resemble creativity. The colors in the film divide the characters, making them either boring and adult-like, or adventurous and child-like. All of these aspects work together to bring life to the film and emphasize certain points, making “The Little Prince” stunning.

6. Music

As if the plot, characters, animation, messages and symbolism weren’t enough, the music in this movie was fantastic. Each piece complemented its scene well, adding a great deal of emotion to the part it was being played for. Even if you were to listen to the pieces by themselves, you can feel the emotions in your heart.

Every piece has appropriate dynamic changes, tempo changes and melodic lines. Of course, Hans Zimmer and Richard Harvey were the ones who composed the music for “The Little Prince,” so what else can you expect from such accomplished composers? If you would like to listen to the film’s soundtrack, you can find it on YouTube.

If you haven’t watched “The Little Prince,” stop what you are doing and log onto Netflix right now so you can watch this amazing film. Every part of the movie was breathtaking, from the plot to the music and everything in between. All of elements came together so well that you’ll be wanting to watch “The Little Prince” again and again. So grab a tissue and maybe a friend, because you’re in for one emotional ride.

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