Here’s a ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Episode to Take You Through Every Possible Emotion

Because the show’s basically like going to medical school on an emotional roller coaster anyways.
February 13, 2018
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Picture this: It’s a Friday night, you’re stuffing your face with [insert favorite snack] and your eyes are glued to your laptop because you are once again binge-watching “Grey’s Anatomy.” If this is a reality for you, you probably understand that “Grey’s Anatomy” takes you through a whirlwind of emotions.

You feel as if you share a common connection with the characters and seem to be emotionally affected when they experience heartbreak, loss or success. You shed tears, belly laugh and feel warm inside every time you watch an episode because it’s your guilty pleasure. Not to mention, you could probably perform a perfect appendectomy.

If you’ve seen every episode multiple times or if you just lost your “Grey’s Anatomy” virginity, you know that the series is bound to take you on an emotional roller coaster with tons of twists and turns. Here’s a list of eight “Grey’s Anatomy” episodes for every emotion.

Anticipation: Season 5, Episode 24

Feelings of anticipation are a common occurrence throughout “Grey’s Anatomy,” but the anticipation experienced through Season 5 Episode 24 is like no other.

The episode, titled “Now or never,” explores the medical journey of a man who jumps in front of a bus to save a complete stranger. The doctors are working tirelessly to save his life and are unaware that they are operating on one of their own.

Later in the episode, we find out that doctors have intern George O’Malley on the table. This news sent shockwaves to viewers. You are guaranteed to be on the edge of your seat for the entire episode.

Sadness: Season 10, Episode 24

Get your tissues ready because Season 10 Episode 24, titled “Fear (of the unknown),” is a tearjerker. In this episode, Sandra Oh, who plays the role of Cristina Yang, concludes her acting career on the show.

As an audience member, we have seen Christina grow and evolve from a know-it-all intern into a nominee for a Harper Avery Award, the highest medical achievement one can receive in the fictional world of “Grey’s Anatomy.”

The episode concludes with Meredith Grey and Yang having a 30-second dance party to Tegan and Sara’s “Where does the good go.” This bittersweet moment leaves you appreciating all of Yang’s wit, sass and hook-ups throughout the various seasons.

Joy: Season 9, Episode 23

In Season 9 Episode 23, titled “Readiness is All,” Matthew proposes to April Kempner. He demonstrates his creative side by composing a flash mob to the song, “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles),” and ends on one knee with a ring in hand.

Although the relationship doesn’t last, Matthew’s proposal to Kempner was one of the most sweet, creative and pure moments on the show. This moment leaves hopeless romantic viewers longing for a man who is similar to Matthew. And if you don’t experience joy from this episode, well you probably aren’t human.

Surprise: Season 11, Episode 2

Season 11 Episode 2, titled “Puzzle with a Missing Piece,” left viewers with a surprise no one was prepared for. In the episode, audiences find out that Meredith Grey has a sister, Maggie Pierce, and that she’s the love child of Meredith’s mother and Richard Webber, who also was surprised to discover he had a daughter. The two meet their long-lost family member when she becomes the new head of cardiothoracic surgery.

The revelation was a hard pill for both viewers and characters to swallow. The episode, and many following it, explores themes of forgiveness and acceptance and demonstrates the challenges the characters must face when they are forced to adapt to change. Throughout Pierce’s time at the hospital, she proves herself to be a strong, intelligent woman who is deserving of her position.

Anger: Season 8, Episode 24

The episode, titled “Flight,” was a major game changer for every “Grey’s Anatomy” fan. In this episode, viewers experience a great amount of anger when doctors endure a plane crash on the way to separate conjoined twins.

Trapped in the middle of nowhere, the doctors must kick in their survival skills in order to make it out alive. Although some are able to survive, a few doctors are unable to withstand their injuries. This episode puts everyone to the test, and anger is a hard feeling to get past as fans cope with the loss of some of their favorite characters.

Disgust: Season 4, Episode 5

If you’re a frequent viewer you’ve had your fair share of blood and bones. It is hard to pick just one gory moment, but one near the top of my list is Season 4 Episode 5 titled “Haunt You Every Day,” a Halloween-themed episode.

In the episode, a man takes matters into his own hands and amputates his foot with a hand saw after claiming his limb was not his own. I guess you can imagine the amount of blood and gore in this episode. This is not an episode for you if you have a weak stomach at the site of blood.

Hope: Season 2 Episode 2

Titled “Into You Like a Train,” this episode tells the story of two strangers, who have just experienced a train crash, both impaled by the same pole. Attached to the pole is a man in his 50s and a woman in her 20s, both battling for their lives.

Their composure, faith and optimism throughout the situation leave viewers feeling hopeful that they will be able to make it out alive. They crack jokes and contain a sense of lightheartedness regarding their wellbeing. Upon doing surgery doctors are able to save the man, but the woman was unfortunately too far gone.

Fear: Season 6, Episode 23

In this Season 6 episode, “Sanctuary,” “Grey’s Anatomy” viewers become fearful for both doctors and patients’ lives, in an environment that is arguably the safest in the world. In the episode, viewers are paralyzed with horror as a gunman roams freely throughout the hospital.

The episode tests the physical and mental strength of doctors in the midst of what feels like a nightmare. I assure you this episode will elevate your heart rate and make for an extremely stressful 44 minutes, but it is worth every moment.

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