Two characters from Genshin Impact 2.7
Illustration by Alex Suarez, Columbia College Chicago

Genshin Impact: Version 2.7 Offers More for Fans

Get to know what new characters, weapons, quests and events you can look forward to in this highly anticipated update.

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Two characters from Genshin Impact 2.7
Illustration by Alex Suarez, Columbia College Chicago

Get to know what new characters, weapons, quests and events you can look forward to in this highly anticipated update.

If there’s anything that Genshin Impact players get excited about, it’s a new version update. About a week before version updates are released, HoYoverse — the Chinese video game developer that designed and published Genshin Impact — livestreams a special program on its official Twitch channel. The special program for Version 2.7, which premiered on May 20 at 8 a.m. Coordinated Universal Time, featured many details about new game content and development. It revealed that Version 2.7 will be split into two phases, with two character banners in the first phase and one in the second. Also included in this special program were redemption codes for Primogems, the premium currency in the game.

The Version 2.7 update was released on May 31, with maintenance expected to last five hours. In addition to receiving maintenance compensation, which usually ranges from 300 to 600 Primogems, players have been able to explore new areas, complete new quests, participate in new events and pull on the new character and weapon banners. Genshin Impact announced on its official Twitter account that Version 2.7 is expected to last six weeks, with the update for Version 2.8 coming out on July 13.

In Version 2.7, players are introduced to two new characters: Yelan and Kuki Shinobu. Yelan, a five-star Hydro Bow character from Liyue, is a mysterious person who claims to work for the Ministry of Civil Affairs. She is also the head of the Yanshang Teahouse. Yelan’s character demo, “Yelan: Shadow in the Rain,” received praise from many players for its amazing cinematography and background music.

Kuki Shinobu, a four-star Electro Sword character from Inazuma, is the deputy leader of the Arataki Gang and sidekick of Arataki Itto. Running alongside Yelan’s banner, Discerner of Enigmas, is five-star Anemo polearm-user Xiao’s second rerun banner, Invitation to Mundane Life. The four-star characters featured in their banners are Barbara, Noelle, and Yanfei. Kuki will be one of the four-star characters featured on Arataki’s banner, Oni’s Royale, in the second phase of Version 2.7.

In addition to the new character banners, players can try their luck on the new featured weapon banners. The first weapon banner of Version 2.7 features the new five-star Aqua Simulacra Bow and the Primordial Jade Winged-Spear, a five-star polearm, and both will receive a boosted drop rate. The Aqua Simulacra serves as the signature weapon for Yelan. Its second stat is critical damage, which reaches 88.2% when the weapon reaches level 90; this is the current highest critical damage on any bow in the game. The Primordial Jade Winged-Spear is Xiao’s signature weapon, and its second stat is critical rate, which reaches 22.1% at level 90. The featured four-star weapons in this banner are the Sacrificial Sword, Favonius Greatsword, Eye of Perception, Lithic Spear and Sacrificial Bow.

New characters and weapons are exciting, but for longtime players who are already caught up with the main story, getting new quests to complete is oftentimes the highlight of a new version update. This version introduces the newest Archon Quest, “Perilous Trail,” as well as Yelan’s story quest and a hangout event with Kuki. The “Perilous Trail” quest takes players to the depths of the Chasm, where the traveler must try to escape with the help of Xiao, Yelan, Arataki, Kuki, and Yanfei. Yelan’s story quest, “Calculated Gambit,” can be unlocked after completing the final stage in the “Perilous Trail” quest. Kuki Shinobu’s hangout event, “The Gang’s Daily Deeds,” will become available during phase 2 of Version 2.7 on June 21.

Even if players complete the new quests quickly, they will still have plenty of events to keep them busy. The events featured in Version 2.7 are “Spices from the West,” “Perilous Trail,” “Core of the Apparatus,” “The Almighty Arataki Great and Glorious Drumalong Festival” and “A Muddy Bizarre Adventure.”

The first event of Version 2.7 is “Spices from the West,” which began on May 14 and ended on June 7. “Spices from the West” is a seasoning event with a cooking minigame; through this event, players can earn rewards such as Primogems, mora, hero’s wit and mystic enhancement ore.

“Perilous Trail,” which is directly tied to the new Archon Quest, is a Chasm trial event that allows players to use characters to challenge the “Realms of Guile and War.” By participating in this event, players can receive Primogems, mora and the new four-star bow, Fading Twilight. This event began on May 31 and ends on June 20.

“The Almighty Arataki Great and Glorious Drumalong Festival,” which runs from June 13 to July 4, is a rhythm game in which you can create your own beatmap compositions to earn rewards.

“A Muddy Bizarre Adventure” is an event in which players must work on and protect devices to help Hosseini, a scholar from Sumeru, solve a crisis in the Chasm. This event will run from June 22 to July 4.

In the final event of Version 2.7, “Core of the Apparatus,” players can earn Primogems and other rewards by collecting materials to help a toy merchant from Fontaine create robots and furnishings. This event will begin on June 29 and end on July 11 — right before the July 13 release of Genshin Impact 2.8.

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