Everything Coming to Netflix in February 2018

Peak cuffing season means peak Netflix content.
January 28, 2019
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Hello, Netflix binge watchers! If you’ve noticed, everyone’s favorite streaming-service seems to have been removing a handful of fan-favorite shows recently, but they’ve been doing so for a reason; in February, Netflix is rolling out a suite of new material, and it needed to clear some room.

Even though February is the shortest month it’ll be packed full of new releases to watch, so settle in and get comfy — it’s about to get unproductive. Of the dozens of new shows joining the Netflix roster, here are six of the most highly anticipated.

1. Feb. 1 – Russian Doll

In this eight-episode hit dramedy series, main character Nadia is a cynical, self-destructive New Yorker on the verge of turning 36. The first episode of “Russian Doll” shows Nadia staring at herself in a bathroom mirror at her birthday party, being thrown for her by two of her close friends. Nadia’s vacant stare leads viewers to wonder if there is something haunting her.

Instead of enjoying the night of her birthday, she leaves the party early to hook up with a stranger. However, early into the hookup, Nadia spots her missing cat in the street and darts into the road to retrieve it. She subsequently is hit by a cab, but wakes to find herself staring into the same mirror as before, completely unscathed.

Is she dead? Was the joint she shared laced with something? You’ll have to tune in to find out.

2. Feb. 8 – High Flying Bird  

If you’re into a good basketball-themed movie, “High Flying Bird” is the one to watch this February. In the middle of a pro basketball game, sports agent Ray Burke finds himself caught between the league and the players.

Although his career is on the line, Burke is playing for higher stakes. In an attempt to pull off a daring plan in only 72 hours, he uncovers a loophole that could potentially change the game of basketball forever. The outcome of this loophole raises the question of who technically owns the game. “High Flying Bird” features guest appearances from NBA athletes Reggie Jackson, Karl-Anthony Towns and Donovan Mitchell.

3. Feb. 15 – The Umbrella Academy

Based on Gerard Way’s award-winning comics, “The Umbrella Academy” is set in a fictional version of 1989. The father, an alien disguised as billionaire Sir Reginald Hargreeves, adopts seven surviving children out of 43 that were mysteriously born on the same day to women who had not been pregnant the day before.

The children are raised at Hargreeves’ Umbrella Academy and ultimately become a family of superheroes. However, the relationships between the family members are dysfunctional and eventually the siblings disband, only to be reunited as adults to solve the mystery of Hargreeves’ death and the threat of an apocalypse.

4. Feb. 15 – The Breaker Upperers

Originally released in 2018, “The Breaker Upperers” focuses on two cynical women who create an agency that helps break up unhappy couples in an attempt to avoid moving on with their own lives.

Written, directed, and acted by Jackie van Beek and Madeleine Sami, this film brings a fresh take and a sardonic perspective to modern romance and relationships.

5. Feb. 22 – Workin’ Moms

Loyal PR executive Kate and her lifelong friend, psychiatrist Anne, attend a judgmental mommies group where they meet IT tech Jenny and blindly optimistic real estate agent Frankie.

The four women become close friends and bond over the struggles of urban motherhood, careers and the chaos of toddlers, all while trying to achieve a sense of self.

6. Feb. 22 – Paddleton

“Paddleton” features an unlikely friendship between two misfit strangers. The friendship becomes an unexpectedly emotional journey when the younger friend is diagnosed with terminal cancer, pushing the boundaries of their relationship to the edge.

These films/shows will be premiering throughout the month of February, so grab your favorite cuddle buddy and get ready! A full list of TV shows and movies coming to Netflix is below.

Feb. 1 – Russian Doll

Feb. 1 – Free Rein: Valentine’s Day

Feb. 1 – Velvet Buzzsaw

Feb. 5 – Ray Romano: Right Here, Around the Corner

Feb. 8 – One Day at a Time (Season 3)

Feb. 8 – The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants (Season 2)

Feb. 8 – High Flying Bird

Feb. 10 – Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj: Volume 2 (Sundays)

Feb. 14 – Ken Jeong: You Complete Me, Ho

Feb. 15 – The Umbrella Academy

Feb. 15 – Larry Charles’ Dangerous World of Comedy

Feb. 15 – The Breaker Upperers

Feb. 22 – Chef’s Table: Volume 6

Feb. 22 – Workin’ Moms

Feb. 22 – Paddleton

Feb. 27 – Unsolved: Tupac & Biggie

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