Sometimes, getting uncomfortable can be the best decision you have ever make. (Image via YouTube)
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Sometimes, getting uncomfortable can be the best decision you have ever make. (Image via YouTube)

Sometimes transcending social taboos requires an illicit substance or two.

When was the last time your mother, boss or ex asked you about your favorite sex position? Slim to none have endured such an awkward moment-inducing situation, but at Cut studios this happens on a regular basis.

The YouTube channel Cut is reshaping the Youniverse through uncomfortable situations, making people jump outside of their conversation comfort zones. With a handful of series populating their channel, such as “Truth or Drink,” “Lineup,” “100 People…” and many more, Cut attracts millions of viewers by talking about hush-hush topics in an entertaining yet educational manner.

Formally known as Watchcut, the channel has been active since 2014, and had their first big hit with the video “Grandmas Smoking Weed for the First Time,” which garnered 31 million views. From there the channel skyrocketed with iconic videos like, “100 Years of Beauty” and “Strangers Play Fear Pong.”

Today they have a total of 2 billion views across all their videos, and almost 8 million subscribers. Cut also has two off-shoot PG-rated channels, Hiho Kids and 100 YOB. In the YouTube world, Cut is best known for its radical openness, marijuana-infused conversations and drunken shenanigans, but viewers should understand there is a greater purpose behind all the chaos. As says, “We are the next great storytelling company,” and here’s why.

1. Infusion of Alcohol in “Truth or Drink”

One of the channel’s most popular series is “Truth or Drink.” Imagine truth or dare but amped up. The questions are far more biting, and the only way to get out of the question is to take a shot. Cut throws couples, exes, friends with benefits, parents and kids at each to see how each one reacts. The main goal goes deeper than just hilarious reactions. Each relationship in your life follows a set of rules and a subconscious script. So, why don’t we feel comfortable talking about sex or drugs with our superiors?

Perhaps, the easiest way to recondition the typical relationship structures is with alcohol and unsuspecting questions. Alcohol lowers inhibitions and deactivates a second set of brain circuits that control fear. So after throwing back a couple of shots you are less afraid to tell your grandma how many people you have slept with.

When each person reaches the same level of drunkenness, the hierarchy of the relationship is irrelevant and a new bond is formed. Conversation flows easier and untapped truths get unleashed. For instance, in “Truth or Drink Exes: Tony & Sofia,” Tony and Sophia’s relationship shift from cordial exes into a more understanding and forgiving friendship.

Cut’s visual anthropologist, Chan, says, “If there is one thing to take away from Truth or Drink it’s not that we want you to drink more per say, but it’s to celebrate and embrace.” The infusion of alcohol and personal questions make all this not only worth of watching, but a great idea to try on your own.

2. Embracing Labelling People in “Lineup”

Humans make snap judgements on an everyday basis. Psychologist Marwa Azab writes, “It is impossible to meet someone and make zero internal judgments about them. Judgments are expectations based on pre-programed mindsets or scripts.”

Lineup is perhaps the most educational series from Cut. From childhood we are taught not to judge a book by its cover but here is Cut, pushing a select group to do the opposite. To put people in a categorized box, Cut encourages guessers to physically put paper labels on people and make harsh judgements of a person’s appearance to their face. Some of the most rule-breaking Lineup videos include: “Who is a Sex Worker,” “Who’s White,” “Guess My Kink,” “People Guess the Sexual Orientation of Strangers” and “Guess My Income.”

Even in its questionable and socially inconsiderate nature, Lineup isn’t trying to bash anyone for making these judgements aloud. Instead, the goal is to understand the basis of perceptions in order to redefine societal subgroups. For example, just because someone may dress scantily clad that doesn’t mean they are a sex worker and vice versa.

Lineup also allows for healthy communication between the guessers and people in the lineup. While they might have a physical label around their neck, all the people in the lineup have a story to tell, and genuinely want to educate the guessers and viewers at home about their background.

Cut is all about embracing others and evolving the previous mindset. Lineup is a prime example of this movement toward openness.

3. Getting Naked Is Normal in “Fear Pong”

Rarely does one voluntarily ends up naked while playing a game of beer pong with a stranger. But the “Fear Pong” series makes getting scandalously clad a common occurrence. The game is a maniacally twisted version of beer pong that involves drinking, outlandish dares and jumping into the deep end of closeness with a stranger, ex or blind date.

In almost every video someone is stripping down to their intimates, and for good reason. There should be no shame, lack of comfort or shyness in embodying your natural form. Cut attempts to normalize this somehow unnatural act of accepting others and their beauty. Self-love is the bread and butter of happiness, and if you love yourself, then others hopefully will too.

If you need more reasons to get naked, there is also the factor of closeness. In “Fear Pong,” if you are willing to open yourself up physically to others, then they will have a greater respect and personal connection to you. Watch “Blind Dates Play Fear Pong (Analisa & Aaron)” to watch how their relationships blossom once the alcohol is chugged, the clothes come off and guards falls down. Showing skin doesn’t have to be sexual, it can just represent being your crazy self!

Cut videos are all about tackling the ridiculous rules we have in society and being yourself. Not only are they entertaining, but they have a method to their madness. When you press play on any of their videos prepare to cringe harder than ever and learn what makes others tick. Sooner or later you’ll find out how truly interesting and bizarre the human species is.


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