Criminal Minds
The latest cast of 'Criminal Minds' work together to capture serial killers (Image via Sky)

The 4 Reasons Why ‘Criminal Minds’ Is Still a Great Binge Watch

Despite its long run, ‘Criminal Minds’ remains an addictive crime show worth binge watching on Netflix.

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Criminal Minds
The latest cast of 'Criminal Minds' work together to capture serial killers (Image via Sky)

Despite its long run, ‘Criminal Minds’ remains an addictive crime show worth binge watching on Netflix.

Even after airing for more than 12 years, “Criminal Minds” remains a must-binge across the globe. As you can imagine with a plotline that revolves around an endless supply of serial killers, the show has cycled through and replaced at least a half-dozen linchpin characters. Still, despite the rotating cast, fan interest in the series has failed to wane, a testament to the quality team of writers behind the show.

“Criminal Minds” airs a new episode every Wednesday evening, but for anyone who’s unable to afford cable, there is some good news: You can watch every season — with the exception of the currently airing one — on Netflix, meaning that you have hours of streamable content at the touch of a button.

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But with so many other options, why watch “Criminal Minds?” Here are four reasons why you should stream the CBS mega-hit immediately.

The cast embodies the lives and emotions of their characters

Though seemingly just a crime drama like many others on prime-time television, “Criminal Minds” has found a way to distinguish itself from its competitors with its masterful casting. The show’s dialogue has an air of genuineness, which makes the viewer feel as if the Behavioral Analysis Unit (BAU) is a close-knit family instead of just coworkers.

Because of the characters’ on-screen chemistry, viewers can connect with their everyday struggles, whether it be work, friendship or relationship drama. No matter the genre, seeing relatable life problems reflected in a show is all any fan wants from their favorite series.

The success of the showrunners lies in the fact that they have found a way to create characters who connect with the viewer. As a result, the rotating cast of crime solvers ends up being a boon, rather than a bane; more characters means more opportunities for fans to relate to the show.

Jaw-dropping episodes

“Criminals Minds” keeps fans in suspense throughout every episode, especially when they don’t know the unsub’s (unidentified subject) true identity until the BAU’s profile matches the suspect at the end. The storyline also surprises the viewers by throwing in twists involving a character’s fate, which is the case for Emily Prentiss, a team member who faced a puzzling exit from the FBI for a short period.

In the Season 6 episode 18 episode, “Lauren,” a whirlwind of action and sadness strikes Prentiss, which will have fans questioning what will happen next. The beloved team member’s undercover work from eight years prior to joining the team catches up with her when terrorist-turned-serial killer Ian Doyle pays her a personal visit.

With powerful writing and acting, Prentiss’ story arc climbs to the top of “Criminal Mind’s” jaw-dropping episodes. The storyline’s action and murders, along with heartbreak, will leave fans on the edge of their seats.

Each suspenseful moment of an episode will keep your mind off project deadlines and relieve your stress as you watch the BAU team track the sneaky unsubs. Amid the ever-changing criminal cases that come to the BAU office, the show engrosses students and challenges their minds.

Friendships and relationship inside the BAU

Everyone knows that a good crime can draw anyone in, but it takes great storylines for viewers to stick around. Oftentimes, shows don’t make it past the first season because of their odd pacing, never finding their flow. This isn’t the case for “Criminal Minds.”

The most notable quality about the hit show is the friendships that the characters have with each other throughout the seasons. The amazing cast possess chemistry even off the screen, which is the fuel behind their remarkable on-screen interactions.

With a long-running show like “Criminal Minds,” character departures are inevitable. Actor Shemar Moore, who plays Derek Morgan, is without a doubt a fan favorite, especially with the ladies. Having been part of the main cast since the first season, Morgan left the BAU after 251 episodes. All his fans, affectionally called “Baby Girls,” cried many tears when the elevator doors closed on Morgan during his final episode. In an interview with TV Guide following his departure, Moore hits the spot on the character’s friendships and relationships.

“The relationships with Reid and Baby Girl (Garcia) and Hotch and JJ and everyone — all those things were in this episode…I love that the last third of the show is all about the team and relationships, not necessarily in the words, but it’s us. You feel the love.”

Reruns Aren’t a Terrible Pastime

This crime show is an excellent pastime, which is all any viewer wants in a long-running series. Even if you have seen every episode, the second or third watch is still just as enjoyable. Rewatching any episode is worth it because of the script’s flawless quality, which the cast’s phenomenal performance only adds onto.

No matter which episode or season you are currently watching, there is always going to be that one dialogue exchange or action scene that gets your attention more than the rest of the one-hour time slot does. Whether you are a “Pretty Boy” (Spencer Reid) fangirl or a lover of all things “Baby Girl” ( Penelope Garcia) and “Chocolate Thunder” (Derek Morgan), you are undeniably loving every word and pet name said throughout each episode. No one will blame you, because who wouldn’t hang onto every word uttered by their favorite character?

If it weren’t for the strong quality found from script to performance, the show might have been just another generic crime show. Instead, it has turned out to be quite the opposite. After 13 seasons (with new episodes still airing), this crime drama remains at the top of any crime lover’s favorites list. Every episode from the CBS series will leave fans’ mouths hanging open with its cliffhangers, shocking discoveries and heart-breaking scenes.

The ability to stream this show on Netflix makes “Criminal Minds” a top contender on the growing list of crime dramas on television. Having binge watched for hours, when you eventually get that question from Netflix: “Are you still watching?” You’ll respond with a look that says, “Of course,” all the while clicking to start the next episode. You may regret binge watching after 10 straight hours, but the lack of sleep will be worth getting to watch your favorite FBI agents fight crime.

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