In an article on the show "Ted Lasso" is a graphic of a man with his hand on his chin, holding a teacup and thinking about who will win the game: "Nate" or "Ted?"

What’s Next for ‘Ted Lasso’

Ten predictions for the remainder of “Ted Lasso.”
April 18, 2023
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Emmy award-winning AppleTV+ series “Ted Lasso” came in hot with its third and final season on March 15, 2023. With love triangles, novel character arcs and its infamous feel-good comedy, seasons one and two amassed a wave of fans and critical acclaim. Though the season has already begun, there are still a few theories yet to be answered. How will “Ted Lasso” end? 

Ted might struggle with the emotional distance between him, his wife and his son.

Though he continues to sort out his emotions with Dr. Sharon Fieldstone, his therapist from season two, Ted might not have overcome his panic disorder just yet. He was only able to mask his breakdown this time due to it coinciding with Zava’s amazing goal. No doubt, hearing his former marriage counselor, Dr. Jacob Brianson, answer his family’s landline does not help the matter. Ted’s in over his head again. What will he do this time? 

Ted’s allegiance to the team will be tested, but in the end, he will see it through.

Maybe this could be where Ted’s anxiety befalls him. Some emotional impetus, such as Nathan’s brutal parting will cause Ted’s mind to spiral. He’ll lose sight of the team’s needs and his own position. However, in typical Ted Lasso fashion, Ted will find a way to overcome the obstacles and be there for the team. As Dr. Sharon reminds him in the first episode, “You don’t quit things, Ted.”

AFC Richmond just might finish in first place.

In episode 1, after reading the newspaper, the team’s owner, Rebecca, exclaims that every newspaper, TV pundit and sports blogger alike predicts that her team will come in last place. It would not be Ted Lasso if there was not some kind of major turnaround. In this case, that might just mean winning it all. Given that this season is the show’s last, it’d be nice to end with a bang.

The team will stray from its predetermined 4-4-2 formation, and this will either cause them to lose or win in a unique way.

AFC Richmond’s star player Zava had his own conceited arrangement for the team, with everyone in a line behind him. But even the coaches considered switching up the play for the game against West Ham. So far, the move has been to get the ball to Zava, but this could change for better or for worse. After all, the team’s former top scorer, Jamie, has been training with Roy to become the best player again. It’s possible that the coaching staff will reconsider and try something risky that allows them to win a game – or the championship – without depending completely on Zava.

Nathan will find his way back to Ted and AFC Richmond in a full-circle moment.

Nathan may seem like the villain after the way he left the team in season two. However, inside, he is still the kind-hearted and meek “Nate” that viewers know and love. Despite his serious attempts to seem as evil as the West Ham club owner, Rupert Mannion, here and there viewers can see glimpses of the old Nathan. The aggressive, smack-talking Nathan is simply a facade that he fails to consistently execute. Indeed, he has some issues to work through, but there is surely nothing that Ted and the team can’t help him overcome. Furthermore, this plot point is foreshadowed in episode one, when Ted puts the Lego version of Nathan back with the rest of the team. 

Roy will continue to open up emotionally, possibly revealing why he broke up with his girlfriend Keeley.

In episode two, Roy reveals that Trent’s slanderous article left a profound impact on him, and ultimately hindered his career. In confronting Trent about the piece, Roy shows signs of further emotional development. His willingness to share something so personal and deep-set may translate into an openness that allows him to explain what happened with Keeley. So far, he’s been tight-lipped about the whole situation, but there’s a believable chance that Ted, or another team member, will convince him to expound on what happened.  

Zava will learn a thing or two from AFC Richmond and its coach.

Just as Jamie did in season two, Zava might learn to contain his self-absorption. Right now, he has everything to offer the team in terms of skill, but the team just might have something for him to take away, as well. The remainder of the season could serve as an opportunity for him to showcase the wonders of Coach Lasso’s teachings in the form of personal growth.

Zava will cause the team to lose their sense of individual importance and teamwork.

All the players, except Jamie, are obsessed with Zava. Even Coach Lasso tells them to ultimately get the ball to him so that he can score all the goals. With so much focus on one player, it would be understandable for other players to feel as unimportant and ignored as Jamie does. Zava’s reign may tear down the unity and exceptionality of AFC Richmond and each of its players. Of course, this is likely to be a temporary plot point, as Coach Lasso would never let such a weakness persist for too long before stepping in.     

Rebecca and Sam will reunite.

Many viewers hope that Sam and Rebecca will rekindle their relationship — and that just might be in the works. In a visit to her mother’s psychic, the medium tells Rebecca that she will be a mother, and mentions that she sees a “green matchbook” in her future. Rebecca dismisses this as a bunch of hocus-pocus, but when Sam hands Rebecca a certain green matchbook, she has an out-of-body experience and questions her future. Recounting the guru’s words, Rebecca remembers that she is destined to be a mother after all. Is Sam about to become a new dad?

Trent will spill Colin’s secret in his tell-all book.

After seeing the player kissing his potential boyfriend, it is entirely possible that Crimm will revert to his old ways and play the devil’s advocate. Viewers had best not forget how explosive the writer’s headlines used to be. When he wrote about 17-year-old Roy, he damaged the player’s psyche for decades. On the other hand, he would make himself an enemy to the team and cross an ethical line if he outed Colin for profit.        

These predictions, and many more, have ample opportunity to be presented in the remainder of the season and series. Regardless of what ends up unfolding, “Ted Lasso” is sure to tie up its loose ends while also offering some juicy new developments.  

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