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4 Points in the New ‘Christopher Robin’ Trailer That Had ’90s Kids Drowning in Nostalgia

Everyone’s favorite childhood teddy bear is making a comeback on the big screen.

Disney has just released the official teaser trailer for its new “Christopher Robin” movie and people are loving the blast of nostalgia that comes with it. Everyone’s favorite teddy bear has made a comeback in this new quirky live action and had people melt from the second his voice is heard.

People have always found the 90’s kids a bit more nostalgic than other generations as grew up in the transitional age of technology and experienced the incoming flux of technology, yet they still got to grow up having fun outside in the dirt. Winnie the Pooh is the epitome of nostalgia for this generation.

He was everyone’s childhood as he appeared in storybooks and shows, with some movies thrown in there as well. The adventures of Christopher Robin in The Hundred Acre Wood were the stories that every kid grew up listening to, if not at home then at school.

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The new teaser trailer isn’t very long and it only gives audiences a tiny glimpse of what may come to the theaters but the little over-a-minute trailer was more than enough to have a whole generation tearing up at the thought of their childhood, a time when everything was simpler.

The trailer starts off with an overview of London, embodied by the image of a father torn between his family and his work. He takes to one of the benches near the woods, which resembled that The Hundred Acre Wood is based off, to think.

The father worries over his situation and begins to intone “What to do? What to do?” and just a second thereafter we get the voice of Winnie the Pooh himself continuing the questioning with a sweet “What to do indeed.” The father then turns around in shock and we realize that this grown-up man is Christopher Robin himself.

Just before the trailer ends, we get Christopher Robin questioning if he’s cracked with Pooh. The trailer ends with “Oh I don’t see any cracks, a few wrinkles perhaps.” The trailer is rather short, but it masterfully showcased four elements that make people yearn for their toddler days.

1. The Woods

The tiny glimpse we get of The Hundred Acre Wood is as enchanting as the cartoons and storybooks made it out to be. The whole forest isn’t clearly depicted but hinted by the forestry surrounding the bench that Christopher sits in. The little glances of him walking with his daughter through the forest are simply beautiful.

2. The voice of Jim Cummings

The second viewers hear the voice of the infamous Pooh the Bear, they are hit with a wave of nostalgia. Jim Cummings, the voice behind the beloved teddy bear, does an incredible job reiterating the unique and nostalgia-inducing voice of Pooh Bear.

Cumming’s not the original voice actor for Winnie the Pooh, but ’90s kids grew up with his rendition of the voice, which that he’s been doing since the early ’90s. Hearing his iconic voice saying “Christopher Robin” was enough to make anyone who loved Winnie the Pooh teary at the thought of their childhood coming to life once more.

3. The Grown-up Christopher Robin

Understanding that Christopher Robin himself is all grown up and married is understandingly emotional for those who grew up seeing him as a kid. As most ’90s babies are now at the very least in their 20s, it is symbolic to see a character grow up with them in a sense. Many got the feeling that they were Christopher Robin looking back on their childhood as he looked at Winnie the Pooh in shock.

4. And Of Course, Pooh himself

The sweet and innocent charm and the humor of Winnie the Pooh prevail strongly in this trailer, and it has people melt into puddles of nostalgia. The ending line of not seeing any cracks but maybe some wrinkles was the bow topping off a lovely gift. The “aww” factor reminds people of how sweet it is that the film still looked the same to their memory.

Christopher Robin
Illustration in ‘Winnie the Pooh’ storybook (Image via Nerdist)

Winnie the Pooh is a beloved character for many generations, not just the ’90s kids, and people of all ages and backgrounds have found this trailer very touching and endearing. In fact, the positive response to the trailer is stunning and moving. It really says a lot about the power of nostalgia and its effects on people.

Of course, not everyone is happy with having their childhood rearranged and presented to them again, but that is to be expected with any kind of continuation, reboot, sequel and the likes.

Despite its length, the trailer suggested that “Christopher Robin” the movie was headed in the direction of an origin story. It seemed as if everyone was going to get merely the background of a beloved childhood character but not an adventure of Christopher Robin meeting a real-life animated Pooh Bear.

The origin story will most likely still get worked into the movie, but now the concept of a grown-up Christopher Robin meeting a real Winnie the Pooh adds a layer of excitement to what will hopefully turn into a wonderful nostalgic treat for audiences everywhere.

The power of nostalgia is infinitely greater than most people expect it to be, especially when it comes to the generation of the ’90s. This trailer promises to be sweet with a cup of nostalgia to top it off, and the public response has generally been good. With any luck, the movie will end up being just as endearing and delightful as the stories, shows and movies that everyone has grown up with and come to adore.

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