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Chris Cuomo Provides a Shining Example for Journalists Across the Country

The CNN television journalist, known for his quick-thinking and tough questions, is rehabilitating the image of the media.
December 7, 2020
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Amid the chaos of the early days of the pandemic, Chris Cuomo quickly became the internet’s heartthrob. Americans spent much of this year glued to their TVs anxiously waiting for positive news about the pandemic and the election. Known for hosting “Cuomo Prime Time” on CNN, the journalist won the hearts of millions of Gen Zers for his criticism of the Trump administration and his famous smackdowns of conservative guests on his show.

Through his comedic banter with his brother Governor Andrew Cuomo, Chris Cuomo gave Americans a much-needed laugh. He regularly interviewed his brother on New York’s handling of the virus and the next steps residents needed to take. Although their conversations would start seriously, they quickly took a turn toward common sibling rivalries. They once even fought about which one of them was their mother’s favorite. This captured the hearts of many Americans and the brothers were awarded their own slang term: BCE (Big Cuomo Energy.)

Takedowns are Chris Cuomo’s Talent

Cuomo is notorious for speaking the truth and giving his audience the facts even when it might be difficult. He often corrects guests when they come on the show to spread misinformation. Recently, after Donald Trump refused to accept the results of the 2020 presidential election, many conservatives came on Cuomo’s show to allege that voter fraud occurred in many states.

He interviewed Geoff Duncan, the lieutenant governor of Georgia, for his take on the vote recount in his state. Cuomo asked him why Georgia was conducting a full hand recount when there was no evidence of voter fraud in the state. He even goes as far as to ask, “You’re doing a full recount, which isn’t even called for by law. It seems like you are going the extra mile to make someone happy.”

He then went on to ask Duncan if he was ready to call Joe Biden president-elect after he won the election. Duncan claims the term “president-elect” is the media’s terminology and states that he will wait until all the states certify their votes to congratulate either candidate. Cuomo asks him “Did you wait in 2016 when Trump won or did you call him ‘president-elect’ before the certification?”

There is no denying that Cuomo’s wit and quick thinking is the reason he has garnered the adoration of millions of viewers across the country.

Cuomo Has A Long History Of Reporting News

Although most viewers know Cuomo for his weeknight CNN show, he has an extensive and impressive resume. He has worked on a variety of networks and covered both international and domestic issues.

Unexpectedly, Cuomo started out on Fox News analyzing policy and covering domestic issues. He soon transferred to ABC and started hosting the news magazine show “20/20” and “Good Morning America.” His reporting took him to over 10 countries including Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq. During his time at ABC, Cuomo even had his own web-series titled “The Real Deal” and “Focus on Faith.”

In 2013, Cuomo took up a new job on CNN to host the network’s morning show and made one of his first appearances on “Piers Morgan Tonight.” He went on to host “New Day’ before finally landing his solo prime time show in 2018.

Why Have So Many People Started Suddenly Obsessing Over Journalists?

In times of trouble and need we often look up to leaders in our community to provide that extra support. 2020 has been nothing short of disastrous. In March and April, many scientists were still trying to find more information about COVID-19. Basic questions, like how the virus is transmitted and whether or not masks work, were yet to be answered.

We looked up to journalists as if they were godsends with all the information we needed. Locked up in houses with no social interaction, we tuned in to the evening news hoping that this would all be over. However, it continued. Two weeks turned into one month, and before we knew it, the presidential election and winter holidays came around.

Journalism is jokingly referred to as the “fourth branch of government” because it unintentionally places a check on all other branches. The combination of the pandemic and the election gave journalism and journalists new meaning. Washington can often seem like a reality show, but 2020 showed us all how much we are affected by the actions of the government. We tuned in to watch journalists hold those in charge of distributing PPE and containing the virus accountable for their actions.

The internet’s obsession with Cuomo is a direct reflection of the restoration of the country’s faith in the media. Many have come to the realization that the media is a trustworthy source and is on the same side as the people, for the most part. Cuomo is one of the many journalists out there that understands the gravity of their job and works toward making sure their viewers leave with the correct information. We can only hope that more journalists entering the field follow in the steps of Cuomo and continue the tradition of facts over misconception.

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