If you're just sitting on Bitcoin, you should be investing it in other ventures to increase your ROI. (Image via Pixabay)

5 Smart Investments You Should Be Making with Your Bitcoin

Instead of letting your Bitcoin sit idle, invest it and start reaping the benefits.

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If you're just sitting on Bitcoin, you should be investing it in other ventures to increase your ROI. (Image via Pixabay)

Instead of letting your Bitcoin sit idle, invest it and start reaping the benefits.

In the last few years, the use of cryptocurrency has spread throughout the world. Bitcoin, in particular, has become a name we all recognize. The question is, “How many of you are using Bitcoin to its full advantage?”

Most people see Bitcoin as a way to make secure, individual transactions quickly and anonymously. While this, in itself, is as good a reason to use Bitcoin as any, Bitcoin offers greater opportunities to those who are willing to explore the world of cryptocurrency a little further.

Top 5 Cryptocurrency Investment Str...
Top 5 Cryptocurrency Investment Strategies

Trade Your Way to Profit

First of all, Bitcoin can be used to make money through trading. Just like any stock or currency, the value of Bitcoin fluctuates — sometimes wildly — which means that if you sell or buy at the right moment, you could potentially make a fortune. If you’re not afraid of taking a hit, this could be an excellent way of increasing your monthly income.

Be advised though, trading involves a lot of time and energy, and you need to be fully aware of the market at all times. It is advisable to enlist the help of a professional trader when you’re just starting out. A professional will help you understand how the market works and stop you from suffering losses that could have been avoided.

Safe and Anonymous Gambling

One of the biggest industries to embrace Bitcoin is the online casino industry. Bitcoin casinos are making a name for themselves and older casinos are adding Bitcoin to their list of payment methods.

Bitcoin works well in the casino industry because it is so safe to use. It’s very hard for a cyber-criminal to steal your financial data when you’re using such a secure payment method.

Also, using Bitcoin affords the user anonymity — in other words, casino transactions won’t show up on their credit card statements. If you’re interested in using your Bitcoin to play games, check out top-rated bitcoin casinos for information on the best online casinos to play at.

Shop till You Drop

Shopping is another easy way to invest Bitcoin wisely. We don’t mean clothes shopping (although a good designer piece never loses its value); we mean luxury goods. People are using Bitcoin to purchase houses, vintage cars and holiday homes. If the value of Bitcoin is high, it’s a good idea to use it to purchase something that will hold its value.

Property is always a good investment. Not all sellers or retailers will accept cryptocurrency, but it’s only a matter of time before Bitcoin conquers the mainstream markets. Travel agents and airlines are already in on the action, so you can use Bitcoin to book your next holiday or business trip.


For the philanthropists among you, Bitcoin can be used to make charitable donations. Green Peace, for example, accepts Bitcoin as a payment method for donations.

Making a donation with Bitcoin is easy and your payment goes directly to the charity that you’re supporting, rather than going through a middle man.

By avoiding a middle man, you won’t have to pay any fees, which means your entire donation will go directly to the charity in question.

Increase your Earnings

If you’re an online retailer, it would be wise to consider accepting Bitcoin as a payment method for your online store. Giving your clients an alternative payment method like Bitcoin could potentially increase your earnings.

Why? Well, there are a lot of people with Bitcoin and not enough places to spend Bitcoin. If you accept Bitcoin, you could be edging out your competition. There are risks associated with this due to the fact that Bitcoin has been known to drop in value. But the benefits outweigh the risks, i.e., if the value of Bitcoin increases, your profits increase along with it.

As you can see, there are plenty of smart ways to invest your Bitcoin. You’ve already done the smartest thing by buying Bitcoin in the first place, all you have to now is reap the benefits.

Cryptocurrency may have had a rocky start and it may still have a way to go before becoming an everyday alternative to traditional currency, but it certainly isn’t going anywhere. The future of traditional banking is uncertain. People are asking change, and Bitcoin is one of the answers.

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