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Here are 27 facts about the world’s most popular cryptocurrency.

With a market cap of over $800 billion, Bitcoin is 66% of the total global crypto market cap. This has made it the most successful cryptocurrency in the world. Social media, big and powerful businesses and businesspeople have continued to make Bitcoin popular around the world.

Today, many industries and businesses have adopted it as a major means of payment. This would have been an unthinkable risk 13 years ago when no one was sure of the future of cryptocurrency. The revolution brought about by cryptocurrency has changed how we view money and finance today. Individuals have taken control of their money. Why should the banks control our finances anyways?

To reiterate, the need to have a decentralized system where users control their money is the idea behind the blockchain upon which Bitcoin is built. This means anyone can send money to anyone anywhere in the world without an intermediary.

This idea of absolute money control has been welcomed as several industries have come to see the real value in this technology. Tech companies like Microsoft, Wikipedia and Meta have all adopted Bitcoin as a means of transaction.

The story behind Bitcoin has always been an interesting one. The mysteries that have made this powerful digital money a force to reckon with all have to be uncovered for you to see the beauty of this story. This infographic made by CryptoCasinoClub’s team will tell you all you need to know about Bitcoin and the crypto space.


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