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What Are the Best Means of Transport When You Are Abroad?

You have so many options at your disposal. Which ones are right for you?
October 21, 2021
7 mins read

Transportation is a big “budget consumer” when traveling abroad. Travelers have to consider the overall travel experience when deciding how to get around. The best standards can be both budget and pocket-friendly while delivering practical and quality experiences when abroad. Quality preparation and ample research on the different means of transport available at your destination can help balance both your money and time.

Convenient and effective means of transport will let you visit all of the best spots in the country. Some have great social amenities, which might even get you talking to others and getting advice on how to spend time while travelling. You can chat with your friends, enjoy the scenery or try your luck in getting a True Blue casino no deposit bonus. However, one should also consider the speed, price, convenience, comfort and any other personal preferences while picking out appropriate means of transport. Overall, here are some of the best means of travel when you are abroad.

  • Planes
  • Trains
  • Rent a Vehicle (Car)
  • Taxi or Ride-sharing Apps
  • Boats or Ferries


Planes are often comfortable, efficient, quick and effective means of getting from one point to another, especially if moving from one country or city to another. A 12-hour bus ride can take a mere hour on a plane. Plus, planes are sticklers for timelines and set schedules, ensuring better timing both for arrivals and departures.

Prices for a flight depend on the distance that you are traveling. Budget travelers, for instance, should travel to well-known airports for a budget vacation if going to Europe. You can book your travel ticket before your travel date for convenience. However, many foreign sites’ navigation and booking sections are in foreign languages, which can present a major challenge. However, most have phone lines added to the contact lists. Making the call can save you major costs!

If you book a long-distance flight, you’ll have several layovers. Some layovers can last for two hours, giving you a chance to explore the transit country. Some can last for days or weeks, depending on your schedule. In these situations, try to experience local activities such as traditional dances or music. Don’t be afraid to find a movie theater around the San Francisco Airport or a museum for culture, art or history.


Trains are not only convenient for use any time of day or night but they are also fast. Travelers who prefer to view the country’s landscapes, including deserts, the rainforests or large expanses of snow while traveling, should pick trains as their means of transport. For instance, if India, South Africa or Japan is one of your significant stops, consider travelling via train for expansive scenic train rides. Plus, trains don’t typically have traffic lines, or delayed departure or arrivals. Stops are well-known to the passengers, and one can choose where to sit and how much to pay depending on one’s preferences.

Another benefit of using trains when abroad is space. Passengers have enough leg room, can stand and stretch or move around, and relax while on the route. Some have food stands; free WiFi, offering a chance to play free pokies online with minimal disturbances along with a seamless connection; and a screen for watching a movie or two for night travels. However, the better and more comfortable the amenities provided on your travel train, the higher the prices will be.

Rent a Vehicle (Car)

Renting a car for your travel needs when in a foreign country is not only smart, but also freeing. First, you don’t need to keep up with anyone’s schedule or itinerary. Second, you can stop anywhere to sightsee, traverse complex pathways to reach hidden tourist spots, and arrive at your destination earlier than planned. Lastly, the traveler can exercise a care-free attitude with a rental car and prepare second travel or destination plans to suit your current needs!

Renting a car will require an international permit or driver’s license. Understanding the laws governing driving in your current country of destination can save you a lot of headaches and money. In other cases, you may desire an automatic vehicle for transportation and end up with a manual car. Always be prepared if you plan on renting. It might be the best option compared to other transport means when abroad, but without the right documentation, you may incur the extra cost of hiring a driver.

Taxi or Ride-Sharing Apps

Convenience can be had through personalized modes of transport such as taxis or ride-sharing apps. Any traveler can get a taxi or a ride through ride-sharing apps in most any country today. Most taxi operators have online, operational platforms for bookings you can use upon arrival, such as Uber. However, some are country-specific and require prior scheduling to avoid delays — for instance, if you have to ask for one 10 minutes before departure time! Download the essential ride sharing app for your destination country before travel to familiarize yourself with the navigation system. Also, review the app for safety purposes and quality service assurance.

Taxis and tuktuks in some countries share similar prices that are predetermined and known to all. However, some offer prices depending on the meter, which are often inflated. Therefore, consider the taxi offer and do your research before committing to a contract with any taxi driver when abroad. For instance, taking a taxi from Athens to Ohrid is the biggest mistake ever committed in the history of taxis and taxi riding apps.

Boats or Ferries

For individuals traveling to countries such as Thailand, a boat or a ferry ride is the best means of reaching crucial sights and destinations. Some of the best views of a country are accessible to travelers on a boat ride. Slow boats in a short travel distance can offer exhilarating stories for first-timers in Asia traveling to Battambang from Siem Reap. It might be frugal to some but it also provides the best local travel means. If not, get a ferry to take you across the border to any selected country with water access, for instance, Italy to Albania. Plus, you can witness the narrowness of some of the rivers while on the route, have the branches whipping and dancing on your shoulders or leaves covering your hair with moisture! If you desire to stay away from bugs that will have you jumping in fright, consider the classy and luxurious cruises to get the best modern travel experience.


There are many available forms of travel when abroad. However, one should consider the general timeline for your vacation, and if it is short and urgent, flights are the best means of movement. But, if you have more time to spend at your destination, other great transport means include trains, renting a vehicle or using a row or slow boat. And if looking for local adventure and fun while remaining cost-efficient, slow boats, rental cars or trains deliver the best results!

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