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Are Online Casino ‘Welcome Bonuses’ a Scam?

Want to try your hand at some casinos online? Keep an eye out for welcome bonuses.
August 4, 2019
4 mins read

Are online casino ‘welcome’ bonuses a scam?

Convenience and bonuses are the two main reasons for why online casinos are winning the battle with their land-based counterparts. Players prefer to gamble from the comfort of their home and even on the go instead of traveling to brick-and-mortar establishments. Promotions and welcome bonuses in particular are particularly tempting, and it is customary for online casinos to offer them to new players. When something sounds too good to be true it usually is, so players are entitled to ask themselves if online casino bonuses are a scam.

Licensed Casinos Offer Legitimate Welcome Bonuses

The vast majority of online casinos, like PlayUK casino, are law-abiding operators which run on a license issued by national and international regulators. They are subject to a strict set of rules and their business is monitored by independent auditors, as well as the aforementioned regulatory bodies. Promotions and bonuses are under scrutiny as well, to make sure they don’t use false advertising to deceive players. Welcome bonuses are the most effective tools and sometimes they paint an idyllic picture that is not exactly real. That’s because they are subject to wagering requirements that have to be met before cash outs are permitted.

Regulated casinos can’t afford to scam people with welcome bonuses, and they would lose their license. Instead, they make sure that bonus abuse is not possible, or at least that the risks are greatly reduced. This is done by enforcing wagering requirements, which apply to the bonus and sometimes to the deposit itself. That’s because most of the welcome bonuses have the first deposit matched at a percentage determined by the online gambling operator. Players have to carefully read the terms and conditions and make sure they thoroughly understand the rules to make the most of these introductory offers.

How to Find the Best Welcome Bonuses?

Avoiding scams is relatively easy, as players should focus on licensed operators and undertake a little bit of research. Casino review sites, as well as fellow players can provide educated advice about the welcome bonuses available. The size of the bonus is obviously important, but it is essential to pay attention to the wagering requirements. It doesn’t really matter how big a bonus is if the play through demands make it impossible to clear it in time. Punters are expected to meet them within a reasonable timeframe and unless they do so before the deadline, the bonus and the profits are removed from their accounts.

Another element to consider is that some welcome bonuses and ongoing promotions are mutually exclusive. Players can only apply for new offers after the active bonuses have been cleared, so it is always recommended to focus on the task at hand. The bottom line is that online casino welcome bonuses are usually not the scam, even though some bad apples are always to be expected. A little bit of research and a good use of the common sense will keep players safe and allow them to enjoy the bonuses

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