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It's more effective than counting sheep. (Photo by ANIRUDH on Unsplash)

Get some help catching a few Z’s at night.

Melatonin’s use as a sleep aid stretches back years and is one reason why it is such a sought-after sleep aid. This is because melatonin works with the body’s natural circadian rhythm to alter its cadence and promote healthy and restful sleep. But when it comes to relief from restlessness, sooner is always better. So, it should come as no surprise that CBD softgels are growing in popularity for use with melatonin as a healthy alternative to other sleep aids that can leave one groggy the next day.

CBD softgels and melatonin are ideal partners for a sleep aid for a few reasons — namely their compatibility, ease of use and natural effectiveness. In short, CBD softgels are an efficient and speedy carrier of melatonin’s natural sleep aid properties in a convenient and travel-friendly form.

Of course, even knowing the above can’t capture all the nuance that the topic holds. For example, if the melatonin isn’t water-soluble, the fact that it is in a CBD softgel will make little difference. For more on melatonin and CBD softgels, be sure to read on, where you’ll also find picks for the top CBD softgels with melatonin.

The Benefits of Melatonin and CBD as a Sleep Aid

As noted above, the record of melatonin’s use as a sleep aid is long and distinguished. But less is understood about CBD’s role in promoting healthy sleep, though early signs are promising.

When it comes to the particular benefits of CBD softgels, much is made of the greater speed and absorption that softgels can boast when compared to conventional pills. This is in great part thanks to the nano-emulsification that allows for softgels to be carried in water instead of oil — a difference that results in much greater bioavailability, due to the body’s greater receptiveness to water over oil.

The Eight Best Nighttime CBD Softgels with Melatonin

Below is a list of the eight best CBD products with melatonin for sleep.

Joy Organics – Hemp Softgels with Melatonin for Sleep

These CBD softgels with melatonin from Joy Organics have an extra dose of water-soluble melatonin to help promote a full night of natural and restful sleep. In addition to melatonin, there is also a variety of emulsified ingredients that are likewise conveyed more expediently by the CBD softgel.

What you’ll like: A recent addition to this CBD softgel’s formula is the inclusion of CBN, which is another cannabidiol that is known to promote healthy sleep.

Something to consider: There are 30 softgels per bottle, with each containing exactly 3 mg of both CBN and melatonin in addition to the 25 mg CBD — which combines to over 27.5 mg of hemp per serving.

Medterra – Liposomal Hemp+ Good Night

This softgel from Medterra is a good choice for those that want an even stronger dose of hemp, melatonin and other sleep enhancers in their sleep aid. 

What you’ll like: The use of liposomal technology promises to be 10 times more efficient than traditional tablets alone.

Something to consider: While a very potent product, many may find this sleep aid too strong for nightly use, as it may have some residual effects the next day due to one’s body chemistry and reaction to the CBD.

Prima – Sleep Tight Softgels

Prima makes these CBD softgels with a whole host of sleep-enhancing ingredients; however, one that is conspicuously absent is melatonin. But just because these gels don’t have melatonin doesn’t mean this product isn’t any good. Products with melatonin may be too strong for some that still want other benefits that CBD softgels can provide.

What you’ll like: The use of interesting ingredients such as compound 5-HTP and passionflower make this formula one of the most unique on this list — and, of course, melatonin-free.

Something to consider: As noted above, these gels are melatonin-free, and while some may be looking for such a product, for others this will be a deal-breaker.

CBDFx – CBD Gummies with Melatonin for Sleep 1500mg

While technically these CBD gummies from CBDFx shouldn’t be allowed, they are too good not to include. Plus, they still have melatonin to help promote sleep, so they work great too.

What you’ll like: If you are okay with a gummy product instead of a CBD softgel, then these CBD gummies with melatonin will still help give you the sleep aid you need — albeit in a very different, chewier form.

Something to consider: Unlike some other gummies, this variety is made with pectin, so it is suitable for vegans and vegetarians to use as well.

cbdMD – CBD PM Sleep Aid (1000 mg)

This broad-spectrum product from cbdMD is sure to please those that will appreciate the addition of other natural sleep aids such as Valerian root and chamomile. These softgels are flavorless and the 1000 mg bottle features 16.5 mg of CBD per capsule.

What you’ll like: With the additional availability of bottles with 500 mg and 1500 mg of CBD content, it is easy to find a gel with the level of CBD that works for you.

Something to consider: This softgel’s formula includes CBN and CBG, in addition to CBD.

elixinol – Sleep Good Night Capsules

These Sleep Good Night capsules from elixinol are a nice choice for anyone looking for a basic CBD softgel formula that includes melatonin. Nothing fancy, though a single bottle is not the most economical option on this list — far from it.

What you’ll like: These gel capsules use a vegetarian base.

Something to consider: Some ingredients such as silica and MCT oil derived from coconuts will be dealbreakers for those that can’t or don’t want such ingredients in their softgels.

NanocraftCBD – Night Time CBD Softgels (CBN & Melatonin)

These softgels from NanocraftCBD are naturally colored and flavored, with CBN and melatonin included along with other ingredients such as beeswax. The natural processing is extended to the sourcing of hemp and CBD oil that is extracted free of chemicals and solvents. And, of course, as with any CBD and melatonin sleep aid, be aware that it may cause drowsiness.

What you’ll like: These softgels have less melatonin, 1 mg per gel, than many other options that have been highlighted here. This makes them an intriguing option for those that want a melatonin light CBD softgel.

Something to consider: While full of additional terpenes and hempseed oil, this is still a broad-spectrum CBD product, meaning it is THC-free.

mindbodygreen – sleep support+

sleep support+ is a sleep aid from mindbodygreen that offers a few unique ingredients when compared to other CBD gels that have been highlighted above. These ingredients include magnesium and jujube, natural ingredients that promote sedation and restful sleep.

What you’ll like: While not technically a softgel, the use of PharmaGABA, a natural neurotransmitter, is shown to work in concert with other ingredients to promote high-quality sleep.

Something to consider: These pills are free of any fillers, non-GMO ingredients or artificial sweeteners.

We’re Always Here To Help!

And there you have it, the eight best CBD softgels with melatonin designed to provide the most restful and restorative sleep possible.

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