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CBD gummies
Which do you prefer? (Photo by Pharma Hemp Complex on Unsplash)

Both offer their own advantages.

CBD gummies and oil drops are two of the most popular ways to consume cannabidiol. The two options are often compared to each other, and new CBD users are often confused about which one they should choose.

The main difference between CBD gummies and CBD oil drops is the way that you use them. Therefore, it can be difficult for people who have never used CBD before to know which of the two options will be best suited to them.

How exactly do these two popular CBD products compare, and which one is the best?

The Benefits of CBD Gummies

#1 – Alternative to Regular Candy

CBD gummies can be used as a snack and an alternative to regular CBD-free candies. Most gummies and candies are packed with sugar and artificial colorings. Being predominantly a health and wellness product, CBD gummies tend to be made using healthier ingredients and natural colors.

#2 – Fun Way to Consume CBD

Taking CBD on a regular basis can quickly start to feel like a chore, and so it is essential to find solutions that are enjoyable. CBD gummies are a great way to make supplements feel fun and exciting. The wide range of flavors available also allows for variation, which is essential when using something daily.

#3 – Discreet and Easy to Use

The majority of CBD gummies look just like regular candies, so they are highly discreet and can be eaten in almost any situation. Gummies are also one of the most accessible CBD products to use, especially for those who are new to the world of CBD, as they can simply be eaten straight out of the pack.

CBD gummies can also be slightly less intimidating than drops for new users, as they feel familiar — just like eating candy. CBD gummies are, therefore, an excellent option for people who are slightly hesitant about adding a new supplement to their diet.

The Benefits of CBD Drops

#1 – Complete Dosage Control

CBD drops come in small tinctures and require the user to measure their chosen amount of oil with each use. While this can be a little more time-intensive than with products like gummies, it does allow for complete dosage control.

When using CBD drops, it is possible to control the precise amount you consume, down to the very milligram. This is not the case with CBD gummies, where the only customization that the user has is how many gummies they eat at any one time.

#2 – No Added Ingredients

CBD oil drops can be made from as few as two ingredients: CBD extract and oil. Flavored oils require a few extras in order to give them their delicious flavor profile, but this is still less than the ingredients that go into making CBD gummies.

#3 – Extensive Range of Options

Being one of the most traditional and easy to find CBD products on the market means that there is an almost endless range of options available. Customers can choose between flavored and unflavored drops, oil strength and CBD type within the oil.

How Do the Health Benefits of CBD Gummies and CBD Drops Compare?

The health benefits of both CBD gummies and CBD drops are very similar due to the way in which they are consumed. Both products are able to provide effects that can be felt throughout the entire body, making them ideal candidates when using CBD as a dietary supplement.

CBD drops and gummies can also be used to treat specific health conditions and ailments. Common reasons for using CBD include naturally managing chronic pain, controlling anxiety, reducing inflammation and as a form of immune support.

How To Choose Between CBD Gummies and CBD Drops

As the health benefits of gummies and drops are so similar, choosing the right option is more about personal taste than the effects. Some people find that CBD gummies are easier to work into everyday life as they are discreet and can be enjoyed as a tasty snack.

On the other hand, there are many people who like the control that CBD oil drops offer. The lack of extra ingredients in CBD oil drops is also a massive benefit for people on stricter diets or who prefer not to consume sugar and candies regularly.

The best way to determine which option is best is to try them both and see which one is the easiest to use and the most enjoyable. Most CBD brands offer both options, so you could even use them interchangeably.

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