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There’s a lot more to the world of gambling than you might think.

Gambling has existed since time immemorial and therefore has managed to create its own set of myths and rumors. For example, many people know that most gambling establishments do not have clocks. Unable to tell the time, the customer spends hours at the casino. Moreover, the windows in the hotels in Las Vegas do not open, and the sum of all the numbers on the roulette wheel is 666. But you probably already knew all of those facts. But there are more interesting stories based on gambling and resources like site

The occupation of dice swallower

The gambling business in the United States flourished long before it could receive legal licenses. Dice games were a favorite of avid gamblers. In the event of a police raid, evidence had to be destroyed as quickly as possible. Previously, it was the customers who had to swallow the dice. But in the 19th century, underground casino owners began to hire employees who would swallow game objects in case of a raid.

Poker emulators with cigarettes and booze as prizes

The first slot machines were created in the 19th century and had an unpretentious design: five playing drums with images of playing cards. Similar machines were located in bars and taverns. Because of the simplicity of the mechanism, there was no payout table. Winners received free drinks or tobacco products instead.

How to score big pokie wins in Australia

An Absolute Record — 74 Casinos in One Day

In 2017, Kimo Ah Yun and Gary Meyer set a record by visiting 74 casinos in one day. The guys improved on the previous record of 69 gambling establishments.

First Gaming License Issued to a Housewife

Mamie Stroker, the wife of a railroad worker, raising three children, became the first woman to be issued a gambling license in the early 1930s. Her NoternClub Casino ran until 2016.


Do not play keno. The odds are absolutely terrible. Instead, you can throw your money away, donate or just save it. Or try one of the All You Can Eat buffets. Just don’t play keno. Literally, no one has ever guessed all 20 numbers on a 20-seat ticket, ever

Gambling Was Allowed in Prison

For 30 years in the state of Nevada, poker, blackjack, craps, and betting on all sorts of sporting events were allowed. In 1967, this practice was abandoned. The reasoning is obvious — such activities had a negative impact on the atmosphere in correctional facilities.

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