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5 Reasons To Consider Supply Chain Management as a Career Path

It's not a field that a lot of people think, or even know about, but it's actually something with a high demand.
August 18, 2020
5 mins read

Most young kids set unrealistic career goals for themselves based on what society thinks is good. But as a person starts to grow, they find their own interests, needs and wants.

The decision of picking a career path that you are about to make will affect the rest of your life, which is why you shouldn’t take it lightly.

You may not have heard of supply chain management before, but that’s only because new advancements in industries are opening up new jobs that are high in demand.

A supply chain consists of various activities that create and distribute all types of products and services to drive value for the end customer. That means foods, appliances, clothes and many other types of products are made available through supply chains.

If you are fascinated and want to start an online learning course for supply chain management, then start right away. If you aren’t there yet, then check out five reasons to consider this fast-growing career field.

1. Job Openings

The supply chain industry is quite massive, worth approximately a trillion dollars, and it continues to grow each year. There are millions of experts working in the supply chain field in North America alone. But since the demand is higher than the number of skilled professionals, there is always a shortage of qualified experts.

Although the pandemic will cause some difficulties for every professional in 2020, the next year might be brighter. But there are always jobs in the supply chain field — you can check the job boards yourself.

2. Opportunity To Advance in the Field

With every field, there are many different positions working similar jobs in various companies. The entry-level supply chain jobs generally consist of inventory specialists, production coordinators, transportation analysis and procurement. However, that doesn’t mean you will be limited to anything as a supply chain manager.

While you will start at the entry level, the salary is much better compared to many other fields. You can check the average income of experts in supply chain management in your area to get a better idea. But you should keep in mind, the better you are at the job, the faster you will rise up in the food chain.

3. Various Career Paths

Many fields only have one direct path, and everyone in it must follow the path, or pick something different altogether. On the other hand, there are fields like supply chain management that have a range of career options. That leaves you with plenty of roles to choose from, according to your interests and liking.

You could work for the local or federal government, a small business, a nonprofit organization or a big corporation. The possibilities are endless.

For a more definite idea of what you may be doing there, here are the commonly chosen career paths in the supply chain field:

— Operations/Production Management

— Procurement/Supply Management

— Supply Chain Planning and/or Technology

— Logistics/Distribution Management

Keep in mind, there is more than this in the field.

4. Plenty of Internships

Many students worry about their ability to land that first job in the field and getting started. Fortunately, the supply chain field is on the rise, and there is a need for professionals.

But if you still worry about landing a good job, then you can look into paid internship programs that would lead to successful full-time employment.

5. Transferrable Skills

While most people like to stick to the same thing until retirement, many people love to try out something new after a while.

If you go into supply chain management, then you can later use your experience and skills to move onto other fields.

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