Speaking something into existence might seem like wishful thinking, but it has logical roots. (Image via Everyday Health)
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Speaking something into existence might seem like wishful thinking, but it has logical roots. (Image via Everyday Health)

It’s a cliche, but it works.

We all know about those cliché Facebook quotes that end up being sold on canvases at craft stores, most of which are usually covered in pastel ombré and calligraphy. They’re literally everywhere. “Live, Laugh, Love.” “Enjoy the Little Things.” “Good Vibes Only.” They all seem pretty cringey, right? Well, here’s another one that most people know: “If You Can Believe It, You Can Achieve It.” In other words, speak it into existence.

Lately, in 2018, it has become a trend to speak things into existence. Want to get a 4.0 this semester? Speak it into existence. Feeling down and need a good day? Speak it into existence. Giving It your all toward a job promotion? Speak it into existence!

Speaking something into existence is an easy task to fit into your daily routine; in fact, by doing so, you are already becoming part of the trend. Some people find it simple and comforting to tell people they trust the smallest thing: “I am going to apply for this writing internship this semester to see if I can improve on my professional writing for when I get published later.” By saying these things out loud, not only are you making a mental note to do what you’ve said, but you are also informing another person of what you wish. Oftentimes, once you tell someone something like this, they will probably ask or remind you about it, meaning that you will always have that outside voice advising you toward it, as well as yourself.

An important thing to consider when doing this is when you speak of something, be sure that you do so with confidence and passion. For example, if you say, “I really want to get this internship, but I know that I’m not the best writer, so the editors might not even consider me for the position,” you’re being hesitant about what you want. And if you aren’t sure and true to yourself, then how can you be when telling someone else?

Another thing is that you might never know what will happen when other people hear your wishes. You will be surprised at the amount of people out there who would be willing to give you a hand. Maybe one of your professors has connections with this brilliant author that you’ve recently fell in love with. And because you are so passionate during class discussions and feel strongly about the author’s writing, your professor puts in a good word about you to this author, which may give you the opportunity to meet them.

By simply speaking something you feel so passionately about into existence, you may be given opportunities that you’ve never thought possible. Although it may not happen immediately, you should often consider the biggest “what if” scenario out there. Truly, the worst that could happen is nothing, so just take your chances and the universe may just be in your favor!

Another example of “speaking it into existence” is when you are first getting into a relationship. You are learning new things about the other, and when you think that it’s becoming serious, you start planning for the future. Maybe you plan out a first date and tell your best friend about the idea. Come that date, it happens. Let’s go even further now; say, one day, you meet their parents, and after a while, you are so close to their family that you and your significant other start talking about going on family vacations. Suddenly, you find yourself on your first flight to California for a couple of weeks in the summer!

However — believers, beware. Speaking it into existence will not always guarantee success in your dreams. If you say, “I’m going to win the lottery and get millions of dollars,” into the world and you wake up every day to that thought without even having bought a lottery ticket, you won’t get the chance to win the lottery or millions of dollars. If your GPA is sitting far below a 2.0 and you say, “It’s 4.0 SZN,” that might not happen right away in the same semester unless you actively focus in class and do the work. Anyone can build a GPA up to an extent, but it all really falls back on yourself. After all, your degree isn’t going to complete itself.

If you just say something is going to happen, you have to keep in mind that your part of the work must literally be done. Most things do not just happen out of nowhere; the majority of it all lies within you to do the real work.

This is what many people tend to forget. If you are just sitting there and waiting for something to happen, nothing is ever going to happen. Everything is easier said than done, of course, which is part of the reason why speaking it into existence has become so popular. Nowadays, people just expect things to magically happen, without having to put in much effort, if any at all. Do not be that person!

Be the person who holds onto their dreams but knows when to tackle them correctly. Understand that the world just isn’t about to gift you your every last dying wish; you will have to put in the effort to get those things for yourself.

In my opinion, I lie in between on whether or not “speaking it into existence” is a real thing. It all really comes down to who would be doing the talking. Would this person be more vocal, or would they be willing to see and learn to act upon their own actions? If someone is just talk, then I cannot sympathize with them when they fail at getting their dreams to come true. A person has to take part in, if not take responsibility for their dreams, and if done correctly and with passion, I can fully say that they deserve what they have wished for.


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