The "Simpsons" convenience store, which appears at both Universal Studios locations, is opening in Myrtle Beach. (Image via Ultimate Rollercoaster)
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The "Simpsons" convenience store, which appears at both Universal Studios locations, is opening in Myrtle Beach. (Image via Ultimate Rollercoaster)

And you can visit wearing your new ‘Simpsons’-themed ASOS apparel.

If you somehow never watched “The Simpsons” as of yet, the longest-running scripted television show in the U.S., you’ve likely still been exposed to its references and signature yellow skin tones that appear throughout pop culture.

Season 30 of the show, which has been running since 1989, creating a legacy that has provided entertainment across generations, will continue to follow the Simpson family when it debuts on Sept. 30.

But this summer, the “Simpsons” franchise is expanding into food service, perhaps in the most nostalgic way possible. Fans of the show can now enjoy staple treats from its episodes, such as a Heat Lamp Hot Dog, Buzz Cola, Squishee frozen drink and Lard Lad Donuts at a legitimate Kwik-E-Mart store.

Kwik-E-Mart, the workplace of the series’ fan favorite, Apu, will open this Friday in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The themed store will also sell “Simpsons” merchandise, such as plush toys, clothing, glassware and magnets inspired by characters from the show.

A similarly themed Aztec Theater is scheduled to open next door and is expected to host a 4D “Simpsons” experience intended to be enjoyed in conjunction with the neighboring store.

Other real-life forms of “Simpsons” universe entertainment include The Simpsons Ride in Universal Studios Florida and Universal Studios Hollywood, but the full-service Kwik-E-Mart is the first of its kind and will become a must-see attraction for long-time fans of the series.

In addition to the attractions, ASOS is contributing to the Homer Simpson mania by releasing a “Simpsons”-inspired clothing line on Aug. 23. The line delivers the perfect balance of fashion, nostalgia and character references, all packed into practical ’90s-style collector’s pieces.

ASOS’s 30-piece line includes a Kwik-E-Mart bucket hat and a tote bag that reads, “Thank you, come again,” the slogan deivered by Apu, the owner of the “Simpsons” convenience store.

The fashion company has also teased jumpers, denim jackets, a hat, earrings, tote bags, a skirt, socks, swimwear and more with designs such as the iconic Springfield clouds and many of the show’s characters.

In October 2017, ASOS released a Hello Kitty collaboration that was extremely popular; however, “Simpsons” merchandise poses to reach an even bigger fan base by being available to a more diverse group of consumers, making it one of the fashion company’s most inclusive collections to date.

The ASOS streetwear will also be available in both plus and curve sizes, which include up to a UK size 30, and some pieces have been designed to be intentionally unisex.

Reactions on Twitter have been overwhelmingly positive, and fans of the series are excited to incorporate their favorite characters into their summer and fall styles.

This Friday, grab your tickets to Myrtle Beach, order your favorite “Simpsons” attire on ASOS and start rewatching the first 29 seasons of the show in preparation for your pink-frosted adventure.

In the words of the “Simpsons” patriarch, “Mmm, donuts.”

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