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When it comes to headphones, it pays not to skimp.

Headphones: what a wonderful invention they are; indeed, in this age of technological exploration, nobody would be able to live without these minimalistic, yet elegant pieces of tech.

And if you’re talking about headphones, the first question that might come to mind is probably, “Well which ones?”

Such a query might lead you to search “The best headphone brand in the world” on Google, and, if so, one name would stand above them all: Sennheiser, the German prodigy of headphones since 1945.

Sennheiser is the holy grail of headphones, we get it. They provide headphones, as well as an array of other products for all your audio needs, such as office speakers, wireless headphones and noise-cancelling headphones.

And within this extensive list of items, you also have subcategories based on your purpose for using the products. For example, they have a separate range of air traffic-control headphones on their website, partnered with travel, gaming and professional headsets.

Of course, this quality comes with a price. It’s a universalism that the best always costs the most, but in this case, Sennheiser has a number of high-quality products that were designed to be budget-friendly, meaning they offer a variety of mid-range classics. After all, you can’t put a price on experience, and for any audiophiles looking for the epitome of sound quality, trust me you’ve found the right spot.

In terms of its contributions to the history of sound quality, Sennheiser is a revolutionary.

The company was the first to develop open-back headphones in 1968, which was by far the biggest game-changer of its time; after selling over 10 million units, the headphones became the best-selling model the world.

The difference between an open-back and closed-back headphone is that open-backs allow a sound quality that was unlike anything else the world had ever heard.

Open-back, as a term, implies a construction that allows the sound to be more natural and crisp than its closed-back counterpart. This paved the way for the best indoor sound experience there was.

But a drawback of open-back headphones is that they cannot be used outdoors, because they minimize the pressure that builds up inside your ear, which kind of defeats the purpose of using headphones outside.

Not to worry, because with its closed-back headphones featuring noise-cancelling variants, a construction that blocks out external noise and still provides an immersive experience, Sennheiser has you covered for that as well.

With its premium build quality and German engineering, Sennheiser probably has you convinced.

So, if you are planning to buy headphones and are wondering which option might be best for you, check out our feature on Sennheiser headphones reviewed, which will help you find the best Sennheiser headphones for all your audiophile needs.

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