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Rihanna’s Savage X Fenty NY Fashion Week Show Is Turning Heads

A movement is well on the rise.
October 8, 2019
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A single ray of light casts a halo onto the models of Savage X Fenty, illuminating their varying lingerie pieces, complexions, shapes and sizes. Gold specks bounced off of their skin as they stood as still as night, each person a soft resemblance of a goddess.

Beyond the roar of the audience is the melodic chirr of string instruments that is enough to distract you, until Rihanna appears into focus. The 31-year-old posed proudly upon her platform with her arms framing her face before the beat dropped and the tone for the rest of the fashion show was set.

Last month, Savage X Fenty revealed their latest lingerie launch at New York Fashion Week. The launch included a handful of new collections: “On The Reg,” “CLF,” “Black Widow,” “U Cute” and “Damn.” Each collection has different, themed assortments of sheer babydoll dresses, bodysuits, risqué rompers and more.

The star-studded affair was the place to be, with appearances and performances from creative innovators such as Normani, DJ Khaled, Halsey and Giovanni Palandrani. In contrast to most New York Fashion Week shows, Savage X Fenty partnered with Amazon to allow the public into both the show and the behind-the-scenes moments of its creation.

While there is a large possibility the production of the show could be a ploy to rope more consumers into making a purchase, there is one fact no one can deny: the Savage X Fenty show was the bold beginning of a movement.

The show rightfully began with Rihanna, CEO and creative director of Savage X Fenty, stating the sole purpose of the brand: “I’m looking for unique characteristics in people that aren’t usually highlighted in the world of fashion as it pertains to lingerie and sexy … what society sees as sexy.”

Before viewers had a chance to grasp what was happening, the foundation of the company was laid out. For the “S&M” singer, Savage X Fenty represents more than fashion or trends. The company shatters the traditions of who is allowed to not only look good in the apparel, but feel confident wearing the pieces.

“She wants everyone to feel beautiful,” Jennifer Rosales, the project manager of Fenty, said. “Everyone to feel empowered, everyone to feel and have that strength within them to become the best version of themselves.”

The art and creativity laced into the styling of the lingerie, the choreography and set design were the catalysts for how the show was to be perceived. The entire show took those elements and produced a message bigger than what people were coming to see: women can be soft; women can be tough; women can be anything and everything they will themselves to be.

But most importantly, Rihanna believes that all women are capable of doing so.

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Not only does the singer claim to make waves in the fashion industry, Rihanna is actively championing her beliefs through her businesses. Inclusivity has always been at the forefront of every project she has worked on, including Fenty Beauty and Fenty Luxury Clothing. Savage X Fenty has proven to be no different than its counterparts.

The idea of inclusivity is the abolition of societal norms as accurate descriptions of beauty, and not many companies can align with such ideals. One of the most criticized companies for lack of inclusivity is Victoria’s Secret, who openly refused to change the women represented in their campaigns and fashion shows.

Former “America’s Next Top Model” contestant, Isis King, tweeted, “How do you go back after all this inclusion?”

The answer is that there is no going back. Rihanna set a precedent for what fashion should be, which is representative of people from all walks of life. No one is the same, yet differences are frowned upon rather than celebrated. The moment more people begin to realize society should be doing the opposite is the moment the fashion industry changes for the better.

The film merely emphasized the mission of the Fenty corporation, especially to those who said it could not be done. The models were of every color, every size, some transgender and others with disabilities. The overwhelming differences were embraced for what they were, and the models appeared to be comfortable in their own skin. Cara Delevigne, 21 Savage, Teddy Quinlivan, Mama Cox, Alek Wek and Christian Combs were a few of the special guests to walk the runway amongst the sea of empowered women.

“It’s very important the casting tells the narrative of what the brand stands for,” Rihanna said. “And what we stand for mainly is inclusivity. That’s what I stand for with everything I create.”

The vision of Savage X Fenty was particularly brought to life by the choreography. Parris Goebel, a New Zealand native, created and performed the dance routines on the show. It was the provocative movements and symbolism which enhanced the experience. One of my favorite performances was the introduction of the whole cast onto the stage.

Bella Hadid was the first to make an appearance. The tall, toned model was sporting a bright yellow set with a lace scarf adorning the crown of her head. The most enthralling aspect of the scene, however, was not Hadid herself. It was the beautiful chaos surrounding the yellow bombshell as she struck a pose and then glided down the catwalk.

The dancers were a clear embodiment of womanhood from the gentle sweeps of their arms down to rough thrashing of their bodies, onto the next model ripping down the runway. It reflected how most women navigate through body image, self-confidence and sexuality.

Savage X Fenty makes it easier for women to take the next step in discovering what sexy means to them. If your idea of sexy is somehow parallel to a ratty tee and leggings, then the brand embraces that as well. With such a large variety of lingerie and sleepwear options, it is impossible not to find something that works, which can be helpful as a college student with never enough sleepwear to rotate through, especially when laundry day is delayed.

While the apparel is not the most affordable brand, Savage X Fenty has the customer’s best interest at heart. The company offers a monthly subscription at a discounted rate of $50, which includes several pieces and other benefits like bundle offers and free shipping. Not to mention the quality of the garments are just as durable as they are fashionable, giving the world one more reason to embrace the rise of this brand.

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