The Top UK Cities for Graduates to Find a Job

Whether you're already there or you want to make the big move across the pond, here's some good places to help you pay the bills.
October 9, 2019
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Whether the graduation hat is still in the air or has been lying on the ground for some time, don’t worry because there are plenty of UK cities that are perfect for graduates. It’s not just about London either. In fact, many big names are moving their headquarters north of the country for cheaper operating costs, such as Burberry, HSBC and big tech firms — and graduates are doing the same for cheaper living costs. If you are a grad and looking to get something back for those years with your nose between a textbook, take a look at these fantastic grad-friendly cities.

1. Manchester

Manchester is often considered the capital of the north and offers a plenty of job opportunities with a comparable urban lifestyle to London with much cheaper living costs. Not to forget that you could also live outside the city in more rural areas and commute to the city with less stress than you would commuting to London.

2. Glasgow

Glasgow is home to two fine universities so many of the UK’s graduates will already be aware of the vibrancy of living here. The other positives are that the average wage for grads here is higher than elsewhere and buying a house is considerably cheaper in comparison to other UK locations. House of Fraser and Scottish Power are two of the biggest grad employers in the city for you to look out for.


3. Sheffield

Sheffield is also benefitting from a trend of businesses and young professionals “self-exodusing” London. The steel city does have one of the UK’s highest-performing universities in its borders and graduates can enjoy hip bars along West Street and an oasis of outdoor bliss in the nearby Peak District

4. Cardiff

Cardiff is one of the most expensive places to rent in outside of London, but don’t let that stop you from considering this city as your post-uni abode. To balance it out, the city has some of the highest paying grad employers and some of the best pay increases across the UK. Top grad employers in the area to keep your eyes peeled for are the local university themselves, Principality Building Society and Admiral Group.


5. London

The capital of England took a bit of a ribbing during this post, but it is still a fantastic option for many graduates. Yes, high living costs and cramped tube journeys might become the norm, but there is also great potential for a stellar social life and you are likely to get paid more than other grads around the UK too.

Making the Big Decision

After graduating you are probably looking for some stability, which makes choosing a long-term home a bit daunting. Just remember if you make the wrong choice there are plenty of other appealing options waiting in the wings — and plenty more grad job opportunities out there.

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