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Top Online Casino Games in 2020

The new decade is seeing more and more games getting played on the internet.
July 19, 2020
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The online casino industry is a billion dollar industry. The coronavirus pandemic at the start of the year was meant to hamper every industry but the online casino and gaming industry as a whole has had positive growth. It is believed that the global lockdown has made people bored, and to combat the boredom, more and more people have taken up gambling at online casinos. The traditional casino being closed is also another reason for this, and furthermore, many countries and states have started passing the required legislation to accept online casinos.

Another reason for the popularity of online casinos going through the roof is the use of technology like blockchain. Blockchain technology powers crypto currencies like bitcoin and you can use these crypto currencies to play in online casinos. In fact, websites like clovr.com review and list the best bitcoin online casinos. If you are new to gambling at bitcoin online casinos then you should try the popular bitcoin online casino games mentioned below: All of these games are popular and they are not ranked in any particular order:


Blackjack is always among the top casino games in brick and mortar casinos and it is the same in online casinos too. The game is very popular and does not depend on your luck. You need to have skills to win in blackjack. The aim is to get 21 and you can do it if you learn the rules and strategies. You can watch videos on YouTube where they teach blackjack skills, which will help you a lot. The house has pretty low odds when compared to other games and if you have the skill you can easily beat them. Nowadays you can also play various versions of the game too; if you are bored of the classical game then try the newer versions.


Yes the classic game of roulette is popular in online casinos too. Anybody can play the game and if you are lucky you will win. All you need to do is to select a number or color and wait for the rotating ball to fall in the slot given for that number or color. Nowadays you have versions like pinball roulette and various others that make playing roulette rather fun.


The ever popular poker is more popular in online casinos. The three card version of poker is the most popular though there are many new versions available online now. The odds favor the casino but if it is your lucky day you will rake in the moolah.


Getting three symbols in a line is a great high. It has been for decades and it will be so for decades to come. It is a very simple game and all you need to do is pull the lever; in online casinos you click on the lever and if the reels fall in place with the same symbol, you win. Other than the three reel variety you have five reels as well as the very popular three dimensional versions.

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