Lush’s New Foundation Sticks Protect the Environment and Your Skin

Lush's new foundation sticks offer a range of environment-saving shades.
July 6, 2018
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Lush is a company unlike any other. Known for its unique makeup and skincare products, the company has been committed to promoting environmentally friendly products, and its recently released solid foundation sticks continue the company’s eco-friendly trend.

Comprised of a mixture of pigmentations, coconut oil and a selection of rose waxes, this foundation bucks the usual trend of foundation composition, but in a positive way. In contrast to typical foundations, Lush uses fewer preservatives and synthetic chemicals oftentimes than other cosmetic brands.

According to the Huffington Post, the chemicals found in skin care products, including foundations, can damage the marine wildlife. For example, tiny pieces of plastics have been found in certain foundation brands and those synthetic particles can cause a serious impact on ocean life.

Additionally, the foundation sticks, which are solid instead of liquid (like most foundations), will come in recycled boxes for safe storage and transportation. The foundation is housed in a natural wax seal because, as Lush co-founder Rowena Bird noted, typical plastic foundation bottles oftentimes cannot be recycled, and the effects of trash pose a great threat to the environment.

By storing the foundation in environmentally friendly containers, Lush hopes to reduce some of the negative impacts the cosmetic industry can have on the Earth’s ecosystems.

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“We need to look beyond fancy packaging. For Lush, it’s all about the product. How much do you care about what you’re putting onto your lips and on your skin? Come in, have a look, save the planet,” Bird told Refinery29.

Not only are the foundations eco-friendly, but they also come in 40 diverse range of shades and undertones to satisfy the needs of different skin tones. Other makeup companies have been called out for an underwhelming amount of foundation shades for non-white consumers, so it’s nice to see that Lush understands the importance of offering its shoppers a range of options so that everyone has the chance to find a shade that actually matches their skin, instead of having to rely on mixing their own foundation or going without it because they are unable to locate the correct shade.

There’s a lot that other popular makeup companies can learn from Lush. Although the use of sustainably sourced, natural ingredients means that the company’s products are often slightly more expensive than average makeup, the demand for the products is high. Creating products that serve not only every customer’s needs but also benefits the planet in the process is what makes Lush such a popular company.

It’s obvious that there is a serious market for inclusive, environmentally healthy makeup and skincare products, like Lush’s foundation, and it’s time that other makeup brands stepped up and followed Lush’s lead.

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