You can fit in physical activity whenever you have a few spare moments. (Image via Pixabay)

Working 9 to 5: Staying Active When You’re in Full-Time Education

Keeping your body active is important, but there’s not always time. Here’s how to fit it into your busy schedule.

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Keeping your body active is important, but there’s not always time. Here’s how to fit it into your busy schedule.

Sometimes when you have a lot of school work to get through, it can be difficult to remain active and get your recommended exercise each week. Many experts suggest that every day we should all at least be aiming to achieve 10,000 steps during our usual routines. However, this can be quite difficult if you are enrolled in full-time courses, as studying and other commitments can take priority. However, there are many ways that you can adjust your routine to fit in some exercise that can help you stay active during your college years.

Take regular breaks from reviewing

With the right mindset and time management tips, there are many useful ways that you can be active but still get all of your coursework finished on time. Even though you might need to spend hours each day reviewing for exams, it’s not beneficial for you to sit at a desk for long periods of time. Prolonged sitting can take its toll on your posture, your neck and your eyes. Staying active while studying is not as hard as you think as you can easily stay active during scheduled breaks. Take regular 15 minute breaks from your desk or your computer to stretch your legs and get some fresh air. Perhaps if you always take the elevator at school, take the stairs instead to really get your heart rate going.

Shake up your commute

There are many ways to get more active while you are commuting to school too. Taking more eco-friendly methods of transportation can not only help protect the environment but can also help you exercise too. While walking can be a great alternative to getting to the bus or the train, skating or cycling to work can be fun ways for you to get to college. Well-known skate brand Slick Willie’s has a cool beginners guide to skateboarding to tell you everything you need to know about skateboard parts and skating styles. Whether you have a long commute into college or a short one, shaking up your commute can help you to add more exercise to your routine and help you keep active during your busy work schedule.

Fit in your workout routine on your lunch break

Do you have a part-time desk job? Instead of taking your lunch break at your desk while checking your smartphone and seeing what is trending online, get active during lunch breaks. Doing so will ensure you get back to work refreshed and revived, and will be ready to work through the second part of your day. Depending on how motivated you are, you could fit in exercise like running, or you can even head to the gym during your lunch break. But if you only have a short time to spare, go for a walk and have a change of scenery. Making time to be physically active, even during short lunch breaks, can help you stay active throughout your day and help you feel better in the long run. 

Fit in light exercise to help you de-stress

Sometimes juggling regular exercise and your college workload can be a bit too much. Therefore it’s always important to take time to relax, unwind and slow down now and then. In today’s society, many people value the importance of slowing down and getting more rest. Daily meditation and getting the recommended eight hours of sleep every night are just some ways to let your body rest, recharge and reset. There are a few activities that you can get involved in that can help you de-stress and also stay active too, such as yoga, walking or pilates. These activities can help you clear your head and calm down if you are overwhelmed with the stresses of education.

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