What To Keep in Mind When Investing in Bitcoin

It's becoming more and more popular, but there are some things you should know before you jump in.
August 25, 2020
4 mins read

Making money is something that everyone constantly thinks about. However, believing in some popular money myths can get in the way of your success. For instance, investing in something that genuinely interests you can actually give you a better return rate, even if it’s not as mainstream.

Nowadays, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are appearing more and more attractive to younger investors. In fact, some articles credit the meteoric success of Bitcoin to Gen Z and millennials who have been loyal investors for several years. Because of this, Bitcoin has recently gone past $12,000 in value, increasing by over 200% since its March lows. If you’re on the fence about whether to start investing in Bitcoin, here are several factors to consider.

1. Be prepared for volatility

Often, we hear stories about how investors can make millions off Bitcoin. This is linked to the volatile nature of the currency. Unlike more traditional markets like stocks, huge price swings are relatively commonplace when you invest in Bitcoin. This element of risk never really goes away, so you should ensure that you’re mentally and emotionally prepared to deal with these changes. Acting rationally and ignoring your emotions can help you make prudent decisions. In addition, distributing risk over several investments (outside of Bitcoin) will help you realize greater gains.

2. Know your limits

When it comes to investing in any asset, knowing how much you are prepared to potentially lose can give you a more realistic idea of what to expect. Using certain tools will help limit some of your losses when you trade Bitcoin CFDs online. Due to the volatility of the market, using “Close at Profit” can help automatically lock in your profits and close your trade at a predefined rate. On the other hand, you can use “Close at Loss” to minimize your losses and prevent further ones from occurring by automatically closing your trade at a predefined rate. These automated systems will help you stay on top of your Bitcoin assets.

3. Keep your transactions safe

In the media, you often hear about how hackers get into people’s cryptocurrency wallets and rob them of their hard-earned investments. This can make investors feel like their assets might vanish at any time. Obviously, keeping your transactions safe should be one of your main considerations before investing in Bitcoin. To prevent this from happening, doing extensive research before settling on a reputable platform or exchange will give you some peace of mind. Furthermore, following basic security practices like having a strong password and using a VPN will help keep your funds and profits safe.

4. Do your research

Finally, doing your research and staying on top of the latest cryptocurrency news and trends will help guide your decision-making process. Currently, many investors are looking for alternatives to stocks and bonds, and gold has been likened to Bitcoin as a safe-haven investment. During the earlier months of the pandemic, many large institutions have sold off their Bitcoin assets. However, corporate finance groups are showing interest in cryptocurrency. Reading up on what experts think about Bitcoin’s future can help you make a more informed decision. In addition, many new cryptocurrency tokens have the potential for growth, so this is something you can also explore.

While investing in Bitcoin definitely has its risks and pitfalls, being prudent and only investing what you can afford to lose can help point you in the right direction. If you’re genuinely interested in what the future of cryptocurrency and blockchain has to offer, educating yourself on the various myths and misconceptions surrounding this token can help you succeed in your ventures.

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