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How To Play Free Bitcoin-Earning Games Online

Don't want to dedicate your CPU to bitcoin mining, or sinking your hard-earned cash into a bitcoin investment? Here's another way to earn some.
September 11, 2019
5 mins read

So maybe you are out there on the web looking for a fun and enjoyable way to pass the time. But who is to say that having fun can’t also be profitable? Enter bitcoin. You might have heard of bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies now that they have blasted their way onto the internet and financial scene, rising from their former obscurity.

One of the features of bitcoin technology, among other things, is micropayments, or small online payments that add up over time. It’s one of its core features and selling points since its invention back in 2009. One of the most common bitcoin micropayment methods are known as “bitcoin faucets.”

There are many websites out there that offer bitcoin faucet services in exchange for various tasks, including bitcoin games. With a combination of either skill or luck depending on the games, you can slowly begin to accumulate your way up from small amounts of money into larger amounts with absolutely no deposit required. This can make it an enjoyable way to pass some time while also making it potentially well worth your while.

Bitcoin faucets will typically require you to complete a CAPTCHA requirement in order to prevent their abuse from robots or other exploitive techniques. Once the CAPTCHA requirement has been completed, the bitcoins are then added to your account. From there, depending on the website, how you choose to multiply your cryptocurrency coins will be entirely up to you. Some websites will offer various bitcoin gambling games or other games of skill to allow you to attempt to maximize your earnings. Meanwhile, other players might choose to continue to accumulate faucet payouts to grow their bitcoin’s worth in a more sustainable manner.

Of the most popular bitcoin-earning games that exist online, bitcoin dice is easily one of the most popular games of them all. Contrary to its name, however, bitcoin dice has nothing to do with actual dice but is rather a pick-your-own-odds type of game. With bitcoin dice, you can take a classic chance at doubling your money after picking your bet size, or you can go for high-risk, high-payoff gambles or low-risk, low-rewards payment systems.

As a secondary benefit of bitcoin, due to its lowered transactional cost on the networks relative to fiat currencies (government-issued currency), a lot of these savings are passed directly onto the consumer, which mean games with better odds than you would normally come to expect. With bitcoin dice, among others, the house edge can be as low as 1%. And when compared to normal casino roulette games that frequently sport a 5.2% house edge, you can see the much better value offered by such bitcoin games — just one of the values that bitcoin’s blockchain technology provides.

Not into straight gambling games? Skill games also exist. Another popular game in the crypto-sphere is what is known as “bitcoin crash” games. In these types of games, you will enter a scenario where you will be given a chance to multiply your money up to a predetermined amount. You are welcome to cash out at any point in time up until the “crash event,” a randomly determined moment in time when, if you haven’t already cashed out, you will lose everything. While there is no skill in playing that game directly, there is a skill component built in. Often times, 1% of each player’s bet is pooled into what is known as the bonus pool. The bonus pool is then distributed to the last player to cash out before each crash event. Timing that event more often and correctly than your opponents will lead to winning the bonus pool more often, which will earn you more bitcoin.

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