person drinking coffee in article about birthday freebies
Get a coffee just the way you like it. (Photo by Caleb George on Unsplash)

How To Find the Best Birthday Freebies

You can get gifts from more than just friends and family. If you do your research, some local businesses might chip in to celebrate your special day.

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person drinking coffee in article about birthday freebies
Get a coffee just the way you like it. (Photo by Caleb George on Unsplash)

You can get gifts from more than just friends and family. If you do your research, some local businesses might chip in to celebrate your special day.

Your birthday happens only once a year, so it’s more than natural you should receive many gifts, cards, and birthday greetings on all your social media accounts. It’s also a time when you can dine out and have some delicious treats for free! Your favorite retailers may also offer you some great gifts.

There’s nothing better than celebrating your birthday by getting free stuff. Birthday deals abound from a free slice of cake to generous vouchers, and even the ones that are not entirely free still allow you to enjoy discounts and savings.

Scoring Free Birthday Treats

Celebrating your birthday isn’t a bad idea, but enjoying free stuff might be something new for you. No matter how good you are at maximizing money through the help of online sites like Dollar Financials and other budgeting guides, it doesn’t hurt to receive some free stuff. The list below will provide you with legitimate birthday treats and gifts.

Find free goodies and presents from stores on this huge birthday freebies list below:

1. Free Drink at Your Favorite Coffee Shop

Some coffee shops serve any beverage on the menu in any size at no extra charge. Imagine making your customized drink as if you don’t have to pay for an extra drizzle of caramel or mocha sauce. Think of sizing it up to the largest size instead, so you can enjoy the most of your free treat! If you don’t want a hot or iced drink, you can also receive a complimentary food item like their selections of cakes, pastries and bread.

Do you want to get free birthday stuff online? Usually, your birthday drink reward coupon will be emailed to you a week or so before your birthday, but it has to be used before it expires, so don’t miss out. If you want to be qualified for this freebie, simply join their rewards program and download their application. You can become a member at least seven days before your birthday and engage in at least one reward program transaction each year before your birthday. Additionally, you’ll also receive exclusive perks including a mobile order and pay feature, in-store coffee refills for free, and other rewards if you keep participating in their program.

2. Free Doughnuts 

Some doughnut stores nationwide have been aware your birthday celebration might have changed in the last year, so they’re making it more flavorful by satisfying your sweet tooth. A dozen doughnuts can now be yours for free at some stores that have implemented this freebie during the pandemic.

It’s your birthday month, so your rewards are good until the end of it. To get your birthday gift from your favorite doughnut shop, you can join their program and download their app. You can get a voucher on it, enabling you to claim a free treat on your birthday and after joining.

3. Free Pancakes at Your Favorite Breakfast Nook 

If you’re a morning person and you love going to breakfast on first dates, look around for the best breakfast place around you. One of their perks is if you sign up for their rewards program before your birthday, some restaurants will serve you up free pancakes. It’s also given upon first sign up and on every anniversary, depending on your chosen restaurant. It’s a ton of free food, so head on to your favorite breakfast place, fellow pancake-lovers!

4. Free Dessert or Appetizer

With those tasty cheddar bay biscuits, how about a free dessert or perhaps some appetizers? You can choose from several delicious birthday treats when you sign up for your favorite restaurant’s rewards program. If you sign up at least seven days in advance, you’ll be eligible for rewards. Feel free to search and inquire about their birthday treats, and you’re sure to have plenty of options!

5. Free Pretzels 

Get ready for the pretzel aromas present at the mall when you go shopping. Everyone could relate to this for sure, and for your birthday, you can walk right up and get free pretzels. You’ll be able to redeem this offer all month long if you join and register an account at your favorite pretzel place.

You may find different promotions and programs that can be found on their app. Create an account, earn points and buy pretzels using your points. You also can claim your free pretzel right after your first purchase after joining this program. Oh, and of course, you’ve got birthday pretzel treats. Feel like they’re too much to take in, right?

6. Free Scoop Of Ice Cream 

Feel like a kid again with the free scoop when you turn a year older. Your offer will expire about five days after your birthday, and you should receive it about five days before your birthday. So grab it while it’s hot (or cold!). Join your favorite ice cream parlor’s rewards program now and get a coupon to claim a free scoop of ice cream on the day you were born.

7. Free Buttermilk Waffles

A free stack of buttermilk waffles is offered to all members of some waffle restaurants on their birthday. You just need to purchase online to take advantage of this. Additionally, a discount may be offered on your next dining experience.

8. Free Beauty Product 

Get another free beauty product when you treat yourself during your birthday month at your favorite beauty store. Before your birthday, just enroll in their rewards program, and you’ll receive your gift. Moreover, some of their free birthday gifts rotate quarterly, so it’s never dull.

During the month of your birthday, you’ll receive twice the rewards points for whatever beauty products you buy simply by joining their rewards program. Receive your birthday set, enjoy many coupons all year long and earn points in every shopping spree.

9. Discount in Your Favorite Apparel Store 

Join your chosen apparel rewards program to qualify for some discounts during your birthday month. Get ready for a brand-new outfit to wear on your birthday bash while paying a discounted rate. Shop now and choose your birthday suit!

10. Free Coupon From Your Chosen Self-Care Shop 

Through the reward program of your preferred self-care shop, you’ll get some free coupons on your birthday. You can use it to buy your favorite scent, body wash, body cream or any other organic fragrant products they carry.

11. Free Makeup

What’s not to love about free makeup? Pick up the free birthday gift you’ve been waiting for at your favorite beauty store and choose from a variety of different brands. If you need the reward sooner or later, you may redeem it up until the entirety of your birthday month.

The easy way to qualify for this is to become a member or download their app to participate in their promos. You’ll become a member as you enjoy taking part in their community, have seasonal savings, enroll in beauty classes for free, and of course, enjoy your birthday beauty bundle. Download their mobile application and understand how this brand expands its beauty empire.


There you have it. You’ll receive offers around your birthday by signing up well in advance. Think about setting up your freebies and offers in a separate email address if you’re concerned about spam. Enjoy your treats!

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